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If anyone can provide constructive criticism to my gig. Please do

Please provide constructive criticism on my gig
I design logos using photoshop if you feel something is off or not right please let me know
Here is the link
I feel the images and video is not good enough but let me know what you feel
Thank you

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I say display your best logo design to attract people. Fix your description, too much spacing I say. Don’t be shy to use bold and highlight important part of your description. So that your potential customer doesn’t get confused looking at it.


Sure I will try my best to improve :slight_smile:

I have updated mt gig but I was not able to make changes to the spaces in the discription as it makes it cramped up and hard to read
I have changed all the photos too

Please respond did you make mistake when you said that you are making logo in Photoshop? You meant Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is an advanced, vector-based editing software used to create logos, graphics, cartoons, and fonts.

Photoshop is based on pixels while Illustrator works using vectors. Photoshop is raster-based and uses pixels to create images. Photoshop is designed for editing and creating photos or raster-based art.

So Photoshop is not for logos, you need HD, and extra extra large PNG is still not HD.

Vector is vector.


I use photoshop for creating the logos and I send it to adobe illustrator for further details and also if i want to save it as a specific file
I usually do not start from scratch in illustrator so I do it in photoshop as I am more experienced
I convert my psd file into jpeg then convert it into vector if needed
I sometimes use eps vector too :slight_smile:

Basically I combine them both
In my description I wrote that it can be done in illustrator as well which mean I do it from scratch but for me its more time consuming

The stationary design in done using photoshop

I think what you are trying to say is that you use Photoshop to sketch logos because creating logos in Photoshop is an absolute waste of time. Rough sketch in photoshop is what most of us do.

if this is true then… I do not know what to say. How many anchor points you get with this? Million? Plus you have to separate each object that was traced and split that in layers, bottom line, if you draw something in Photoshop, then go to Illustrator and do not draw over it again, but you are using tracing, that is not vector logo and if there is any need for change or alteration it would be a pain in…

That’s different. Mockups end results are photos A4 or A3 in size for which PNG is perfectly fine as format. But logo must be clear and vector, with layers and “normal” anchor points.

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And the buyer will prefer the illustrator guy over you.

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I get what your trying to say
I am a beginner in illustrator and I am really good in photoshop
I am trying yo learn illustrator day by day
Once I become good at it I will do all logos using illustrator but for time being I will use photoshop

there are en number of tutorials on how to convert jpeg image to vector in illustrator
What i do is I send my jpeg logo into illustrator and then I convert it into vector either by clicking cntrl+F11 or going to windows and selecting image trace

I really appreciate your time I am learning new thing everyday and I dont send work which are bad quality so I use photoshop sooner or later I will use illustrator full time

I will try to learn illustrator completly

But you understand that offering LOGO in BITMAP is like offering melted ice-cream in summer?

The logo must be drawn in vector. The buyer will have no use of your file and will have to pay someone else to draw it properly in Illustrator.

Maybe you should try something that is Photoshop related instead of offering LOGO in Photoshop.
Do something that is normal to be in Photoshop environment.

You have neon glow effect, wood stamp, engraved logo, logo in 3D mockup, that is all photoshop.

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But I have passion more towards logo
I can remove vector and be honest by saying I use photoshop for the time biegn
Once I learn how to use properly illustrator within a month or so I will be able to make logos

I do not come here for getting orders or money I just have passion towards logos and came here just to showcase my skill :smile:


is the basic thing i can do

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This is you?

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No i tried to make my own
It was my first illustrator design from youtube tutorial


You have a great approach to this. I used tutorials too (long time ago, probably before you were born :P)

Keep practicing. :+1:


Thank you so much
I am 13 :slight_smile: