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If anyone wants to compose question papers for school or colleges in both english and urdu

If you want to have a demo then check out my gig

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Are you offering to do academic work for buyers, like homework and term papers, etc.?

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I’d suggest you read this thread…


Well, good luck with that. It is one of the easiest ways for both the person demanding such work as well as the person offering to do such work (i.e. you) to get banned from Fiverr as offering to write (or even edit) any sort of academic work is against Fiverr’s rules (


thanks alot. now what should i do?

I was just asking cuz I wasn’t sure if you were offering to actually do academic work or your gig was more along the lines of creating test papers.

Hmm… That’s true. However, I decided to let the OP know of the terms cuz even this :arrow_down:

is against the ToS. :slight_smile:

Delete the Gig that violates the Terms of Service.

If you want, you can create a new Gig offering to write other texts (like articles or blog posts) in English or Urdu.