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If asking client to pay 10 times

Somewhat doubtful, for example asking a client to transfer 10 times with a nominal value of 5 usd. With the aim of completing an achievement, what do you think?

I think you need to actually explain what this post is about. This reads like a few sentences from the middle of a chapter, not a whole story.


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I believe what the OP wants to do is to split a large order into 10 smaller orders so he can get more reviews. It might be something else, but that’s what it feels in my case.

No doubt, it would be gaming the system and might get you in trouble.

Oh, possible.

So faux milestones to give the impression of more client work. Sounds like the essence of dodgyness. As a prospective buyer, that would put me off as it would look dubious and make me wonder if all those buyer transactions were fake. If I were the client involved in this I would not want to be asked to do this.

One bigger sale is not a bad thing to have. Stop trying to find ways to game the system as all you do is game yourself. Like the Moe Bandy song “I cheated myself right outa you”


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Buyers have to pay anywhere from a 2/2.25/3$ fee and above (as the gig’s price rises) per order. That’s the commission Fiverr wants. Any 5 dollar in gig is in reality a 7$ or so gig.
I wouldn’t also recommend Milestone orders unless you’re doing something small - 2 or 3 steps - with a reliable client. 10+ times is insane.

So, in short, just forget about it.