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If auto refresher is not allowed, Can I refresh the page by myself after every 5 minutes?


Can anyone please help me, Can i refresh the page after every 5 minutes by myself If I can’t use extensions to auto reload it?

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For what purpose are you trying to refresh every 5 minutes?

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I want to keep my account online… I want it to show online

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I get that, but I feel that it just defeats the purpose. When buyers sort by online sellers its usually because they want to be able to order and get a response straight away.
I would avoid these kind of tactics to game the system. I don’t think it would be mentioned anywhere in the TOS, but i’m sure fiverr doesn’t approve.


So you mean, I should not bother to reload it again and again, this will cause blocking my account, right?

I don’t think you will be blocked, but there’s no point worrying about these things in the long run, in my opinion. Just focus on your gigs and the service you provide.


Thanks a lot for your replies! :sparkling_heart:

Why do you think that will help you get orders?

And consider why these things are not a good idea: no buyer wants you to pretend to be online if you actually aren’t.

Silly little tricks like this don’t overcome the fundamental reasons you aren’t getting orders. Start learning about business instead of trying to find tricks.

Tricks don’t drive sales.


Thanks for your great reply! :sparkling_heart:

Just stop for a moment and imagine yourself refreshing Fiverr every 5 minutes, 24/7. :slight_smile:


Yes. You are allowed to be online for as long as you want per day. No limits on that, and it also includes re-visiting the site or refreshing it whenever you feel like doing so.

Should I keep on online?

What would be the point of that?

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I think that I refresh my pages even often some times , I don’t think it’s a problem. If I have to upload many files I have to refresh the page a few times for instance since the upload limit is 20 files if I remember it right