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IF Buyer Didn't give any review ?¿

I am new on fiverr and just competed my first order but buyer didn’t reviewed me.
Can anyone tell me what to do if buyer didn’t give you a review on your first order.
New Seller,

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Nothing. You do nothing. It’s their choice to leave a review or not. And fiverr is already reminding them 2 times to leave a review. If they didn’t then obviously they don’t want to do it.


so it means i have still no review or ratings after competing my first order.

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Unfortunately yes :sleepy:


Sometimes buyers are so busy or they forget to give a review. If they didn’t give a review just send a message like that " Are you happy with my work? " If your buyer is intelligent and forgets to give you a review he will surely give you a reply and also give you a review.

Note: You can’t ask a review directly from your buyer. If you ask for a review then you will get a warning from Fiverr. Just wait for your second order.

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I would not recommend doing that.
First, it’s grammatically incorrect sentence.
Secondly, it might annoy quite a few people and asking that you only might make buyers think if they are indeed happy or not with your work and ask for more revisions.
That question is you basically opening yourself to more revisions and not pushing buyers to leave a review.


He will tell this when the order is completed and buyer left without giving a review. So there is nothing to worry about extra revision

congratulations for first order.
Review is really important for every seller and for new seller for very important.
But if buyer don’t want to give a review on work so we can’t anything.
Have a good day.
Thank you

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Oh yes there is something to worry about.
Your client can still ask for revisions even after order is completed especially if you are asking if they are happy or not.

Asking if they are happy or not is implying that if there is something wrong you are willing to fix it.
It doesn’t imply what you think that it make them think “oh yes, I forgot to leave a review”. No, psychology doesn’t work like that.


So it means my profile is standing at same position as it is my first day or with no orders.
I didn’t need money now but i just want my profile stand out.

I think your gig is going to rank higher on the search now, that you had a recent order, even with no reviews. So that’s something.
Also buyers have a month to leave feedback, it is still possible they will do it after a few days.

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Nothing to worry about the order will automatically marked as complete, don’t ask for review!

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Don’t worry about review first time. If you gave your buyer good service, buyer will come to work with you again.

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It is up to a buyer as to whether they choose to leave a review or not.

There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Best just to leave it and move on.