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If buyer does not accept order nor he/she refuse it, what to do?

i delivered my order but buyer does not react . i have asked if it is what buyer wants and got positive answer and delivered it but there is no action what to do?


What kind of action are you looking for from the buyer? Generally, if you deliver an order, that completes the order as far as Fiverr is concerned. Perhaps the buyer is busy, and hasn’t had an opportunity to give you any feedback yet. In this case, all you can do is be patient. If they don’t respond to a delivered order, it will auto-complete within three days.

no he is not busy we have agreed on final delivery and i have delivered it immediately.i got it thank you i will wait for 3 days

now buyer has changed his mind and want to cancel the order but i have spent a time and delivered what he asked. what should i do? pls help

You can either cancel the order, if you feel his claims are appropriate, or you can decline cancellation, and keep what you earned.

Fiverr’s Terms of Service state that sellers are not required to offer refunds based upon the personal preference of a buyer, if the seller completed the order according to the terms of the gig.

Just keep in mind, if you choose not to refund the order, the buyer is entitled to leave a review – which could be negative.


From the 1 star review it appears he took the second option.

Elchna you should send a message to this buyer and offer a refund of his money in return for him removing the bad review.

My buyer is not accepting order more than a week. What should i do?

After you deliver the order, it is automatically marked as complete after 3 days, unless the buyer requests a modification.

Did you deliver via the Deliver Now button, or just as a message on the order page? It only counts as delivery if you use the Deliver Now button.

but my order did not completed after 3 days why?

i deliver him again ,but now after three days it did not marked as completed ,what could be the reason?

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It’s not always 72 hours, sometimes it’s a bit more.

ok thanks1, now its done buddy

Just say thank you for your time
Be nice

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Thanks for the suggestion, I had a same problem today. Finally, I’ve overcome it. Really love my fiverr account and this marketplace.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

But sir I know It will automatically complete within three days but It will spoil our "On-time Delivery" factor. The schedule time is over if he put his order in revision then It will trouble for me? Fiverr will consider as “Late

Hi. my client is saying that i should share content of order with him in inbox otherwise he would never accept the order. Although I had delivered the order on time. what should I do?