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If Buyer does not rate you after one month of Completion of The Order. Fiverr should give you 5-Star Rating by Default

Hello! This is my first topic here so Apologies for any mistakes

I have over 71 Positive reviews but i have checked now that Over 10 of them are pending. Few of them were completed over 2 or 3 months ago. I think few buyers are just conscerned about the delivery but not the review.

Yes we get our money. But at some point ratings matter more then money. Especially for new Sellers or new Gigs because according to my experience here in Fiverr. Your gig will only appear in searches if you have at least one rating.

So my suggestion is that if Buyer does not review you One month after downloading the delivery then fiverr should give you 5-Star by default.



Fiverr dont have anything just like that . Fiverr dont give you 5 star rating by default.


Yea-no hun, that’s not how that works


Have you thought that some buyers don’t leave rating because they don’t want to affect a gig with a 3-star or lower when they see everyone else was satisfied but them? Yes, it’s true, some buyers prefer not to leave a low rating and thus don’t leave any rating at all.

That’s just wrong. I see new gigs all the time in search results, and there’s even a filter “New Arrivals” specifically designed for exposing new gigs, too :smirk:


In our Dreams Bruh. In our Dreams… :innocent::innocent::innocent:


I am agree with you in this issue::):hugs:. Sometimes we find some buyer who ordered but don’t put review.

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I think that is quite delicate topic. Sometimes Buyer don’t want to give any bad rating but they also don’t want to give any positive rating. So they just leave the rating as it is.

But there is some time Buyer forget to give the rating. You know your buyer better. You can see that your buyer is happy with your finished product or not. Sometimes if i think that Buyer some how forget to rate the gig. I Politely remind them to rate the gig if possible. I mostly get a positive reply. But don’t send reminder more than once. It doesn’t look good as well.


There should be a simple button to not rate the gig. If you don’t press it in time the seller gets five stars. I think that would be a good system.

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Well… No… This must never happen to any serious freelance website.
If they don’t give a review let be it.
Thye might not leave a review to a job that must have had 1 star. Should it take 5 stars instead? No.

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You wish lol. That makes no sense at all xD

maybe…but according to my experience lot of buyers don’t know how to rate…i have lot of experience that once order delivered.then they don’t take action.downloding attachments and sending their feedback as order update…some of them go through accept button…but they don’t type any feedback…after order mark as complete they sending their feedback as message…

also i have one buyer…he never accept delivery…he ordered my service more than 10 times…all orders marked as auto complete.

Some buyers get the most of the Fiverr site, they trust the site, its system, and the developer team behind it. For me as a seller who cares about my customers satisfaction, I see different responses from my customers that reflect how much they’re satisfied ; some give a high rating and a tip :blush: others just rate me :slight_smile: , and other ones just take the desired delivery and leave, even when they are convinced and satisfied enough, but maybe they don’t care about rating as long as they have paid for having a good product or service.

… That’s a point to consider, because buyers or customers who give a normal or low rating they rarely come back, they were desperate and have found that my delivered work was below their expectations. Mostly they ask for modifications then they expect a convincing response from the seller, but some customers were not in a good mood then or they were in a rush and can not wait more than the expected delivery time in case the seller asked to extend the delivery time or probably asked for an extra money due to the new buyer’s inputs or requirements. However, the site encourages buyers to rate their experience with the seller, but indeed, some buyers prefer to not leave a bad memory.



They should also give us the New Year Bonuses for looking pretty, 13th salary made from the average sum of our Year’s month earnings for being honest citizens of the World, and a free Chiropractic & Orthopedic healthcare because sitting too much working on Fiverr is bad for our back!

If you didn’t impress the Buyer enough to get a rating, getting one for no reason as opposed to Sellers who managed to do the initial is not how a free marketplace works.

It’s an attempt of forced “equality” bestowed upon lower quality Sellers on the expense of higher quality ones (the ones actually impressing the Buyer enough to leave a 5 star review).

It will never happen, and it’s beautiful it won’t.

Excel through quality and skill, not pointless demands for free, undeserved rewards.

Embrace the open, free Market that supports hard work, quality and skill.


If they don’t want to post a review, that’s the right of the buyer. The same way when you go to the grocery store and they ask you to “fill out a survey” upon checkout and I highly doubt you ever do. Should all those be satisfactory? No.

If a buyer wants to input a review, he will do so, if he doesn’t then he doesn’t have to. If all of Fiverr decided to take this route and claim that all unreviewed orders were 5 star, then we would have a lot of 3 star freelancers get boosted. That would not be good for anyone.


Btw, Fiverr’s reviews are already ridiculously inflated, with every seller and their mother boasting 90%+ 5 star reviews. That doesn’t happen in the real world. The best movies, games, etc. on metacritic have nowhere near the scores most sellers have on Fiverr. Automatic 5 stars for unrated orders would render the review system all but meaningless.

Normally if I don’t leave a review it’s because i’m being kind.


I always fill out every survey I come across. But i think your example does not fit here. Because when you go to the grocery store you do not ask the staff to hand you the survey reports before you make your purchase. But in our (sellers) case alot of buyers review your profile and ratings before making their purchase.

In my admittedly limited experience. If they want to leave a bad review they do it .

I appreciate your suggestion. This is a very good idea but the problem is fiverr will never do this…

Because when you go to the grocery store you do not ask the staff to hand you the survey reports before you make your purchase.

You don’t do that here either. When you go into a store, you see the quality of the products, the selection, the cleanliness, and the friendliness of the staff. Just like on Fiverr, you hand them what you want, they ring it up and provide service, you pay for it, and then they hand you a receipt asking for feedback.

in our (sellers) case alot of buyers review your profile and ratings before making their purchase.

And so do a lot of people who want to go to a new store or supermarket. When I plan on going somewhere, I ALWAYS check the reviews on Google Maps and Yelp before to make sure the quality I get is going to be adequate. When I go inside, I look at the, as I said, quality of the products, the selection, the cleanliness, and the friendliness of the staff.

If I walked into a restaurant and it was dirty, that is all the review I need. But if I am planning on going to someplace I never been and I find out they have a 2-star rating, I won’t go. The restaurant can have served 200 people that day, but if they have 3 reviews and they are all low, I won’t take the chance.

So yes, it fits in here perfectly. It seems like it wouldn’t because I described it through the eyes of the buyer, not the cashier. If I am working at Burger King and I sell you (who maybe checked the reviews online) a burger, and ask you to review your visit, you don’t HAVE to fill out that survey, and Burger King should not give their employees fantastic reviews if someone doesn’t.

75% of my clients give reviews. 99% of which are 5 stars. I am happy with that. You have a 5 star average with 72 reviews, so why aren’t you happy with that? A few dozen fake 5-star reviews won’t do anything extra.