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If Buyer does not rate you after one month of Completion of The Order. Fiverr should give you 5-Star Rating by Default

I am happy. I have the best and most understanding clients. it was just a thought :slight_smile:

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Yes, but like I said, some don’t want to leave bad review, and instead don’t leave any review, especially if they see that everyone else but them was satisfied.


@umerkhawer I think that’s great idea fiverr should have to work on it because sometimes we buyer offline for few days and order marked as completed so in that case fiver should have any solution for review the seller work :slightly_smiling_face:

Regards Devolper

When I buy a product on some e-commerce website and don’t leave a review, half of the times it’s because I am not satisfied with the product offered and I don’t want to negatively effect the seller’s reputation.

Giving a 5 star review by default after one month of completion of the order would be unreasonable, if you ask me.


That’s a terrible idea. You need to earn your reviews :slight_smile:

If someone didn’t leave you a review then either they didn’t care enough or they weren’t super happy with your delivery. I’ve left plenty of sellers without a review because they didn’t earn their 5 stars. They delivered and got paid. If their delivery was exceptional then I took the time out of my day to write a glowing review.


First 2 Lines Are the Main Reason Mate