If buyer does not submit requirements. Will that increase sellers cancellation rate in terms of money, number of orders and %?


If buyer does not submit requirements and we ask support to cancel that order. Will that increase sellers cancellation rate in terms of money, number of orders and %?


Your cancellation rate is based on the number of orders cancelled as a percentage of your total orders over 60 days, so yes it will reduce your completed %. :frowning:


But where seller is at fault in this?


The seller isn’t at fault - sadly it’s just the way it is at the minute.


You can set your gigs orders to not begin at all until you receive the needed requirements from the buyer. So as long as it has not started there is no reason to cancel it.


Even if the delivery time has elapsed? (What I mean by this is: suppose a Gig promises delivery within 4 days, and it’s been more than 4 days since the buyer placed an order but didn’t fulfill buyer requirements.)


A gig timer doesn’t start if the buyer doesn’t submit the requirements.


The delivery time can’t elapse if the order never started.


Yeah!! I would like to know that too… because I have 121 incomplete orders since 2011.


Are you sure?

It is not affecting your Fiverr rankings?


Thanks all for your suggestions.


I have a mandatory question (requirement) after placing an order:

In case you didn’t do that, please remember to contact me before ordering to avoid cancellation.

And the answer to that needs to be some files attached. Guess what? Some buyers were still ordering without contacting, attaching just anything in this place and not giving any instructions.

Your tip is valuable but just wanted to say that it’s not working in all the cases. At least not for me.


After two YEARS, after nudgins and everything, , the seller who ordered but didn’t finish the requirement field completed the required field today, AFTER I pulled the gig. Then he asked “translate all page” WTF for 5$? After I specifically stated 5$ is for 400 words only. So, I will have to cancel it.

My last cancellation was also not my fault at all, it was done by Fiverr’s CS because they banned my buyer.

2 cancellations, all not my fault. I’m truly angry.


buyers are very clever. They know that you may charge extra for custom work, so, they place order without even asking you a single question.


You know, we work day and night these days to avoid cancellations before 15th of the month and such bad buyers ruin all our efforts. I don’t understand if they don’t need our services then why do they place their half order which they know will end in cancellation.


I think he has forgotten about it. Then maybe Fiverr warned him today that his money will not be returned or something so he quickly asked me todo impossible things to make me cancel. Maybe, I don’t really know.


Yes, I’m sure… I have 121 incomplete orders.
By the way, I think that I will never eligible for the “Available Now” Feature.