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If buyer doesn't provide info?


I have my gigs set up that I need the buyer to send me info before I can start working; as a result, I can’t do anything (and in fact, the clock doesn’t start ticking for me) until the buyer has sent that information. This works out great, except now I have an issue with that;

I recently got an order, where the person said that if I translated and returned the document today, he would send me another $10 as a bonus. I delivered the work within a few hours, and he then ordered two more gigs to cover those $10. Great; except he hasn’t added any information. I have contacted him and explained, but he hasn’t yet replied (this was about 3 days ago) so now I’m wondering what will happen to the order if he doesn’t complete his end of it. I can’t fill the order until he’s sent me something first.

Should I just temporarily change my settings and removing the need for him to send me something, so that I can get paid? Would that change an existing and open order, editing the gig? Will the order remain incomplete for “all time” or is there some kind of countdown on how long such an order can be open?

Any help appreciated!


I do need that information before I can start work, which is why I have it; I only don’t need it in this special case, as it’s not an order but more of a tip.

Thanks for the info and help. I would’ve been very surprised if orders that had already been placed were changed if you edited the gig, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask!

I’ll give him another day before I try and contact again. (And that’s good to know with suspended gigs too.)


Reply to @bachas85: I did, but I think he might not have seen it yet. I’ve been thinking about creating some form of “tipping” gig, but at the same time, this is not something that happens regularly enough (perhaps if it does I will consider it). I have seen other people use these types of gigs though, and I wonder how well it works for them. It would, at the very least, eliminate the need to contact the buyer and remind them to do even more “work” to pay me for something extra.

It sound as though you are given tips through your regular gigs; have you thought about creating a separate tipping gig?