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If Buyer Don't Give Reviews on Your Work

Dear Sir,

I have completed my buyers order. He was quite happy with it and said that your created posters are Fantastic, he happily accepted my work, but he didn’t give me any REVIEWS & STARS. I am quite upset and disturbed, as you know that we work here with dedication to fulfill the client requirement and after working hard, if we don’t get Reviews and Stars, this is unfair.
Kindly guide me what should I do? I requested him, but he hasn’t reply.

Thanks n Regards
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Please don’t message your buyer again - they’re given several reminders by Fiverr to review gigs if they want to. Often, for various different reasons, buyers may not want to leave a review, even if they loved your work.

Only about 70% of orders have reviews left, so please don’t worry if they don’t. :slightly_smiling_face:


FYI ~ since this Community includes female users it’s unnecessary to ask for help using “Dear sir”. Which will turn away female users, lucky for you @offlinehelpers replied and guess what? She’s a female.

Help is help no matter the gender. :pineapple:


Yea thats right, its better to say hi, i think this is the appropriate way


I also heard about that.We actually need to keep in mind thIs thing.

Don’t know about you, but the main reason I am here on Fiverr is to make money. Sure, reviews are nice, but by accepting your work your buyer made sure you got paid for your hard work.

Better luck next time, maybe the next buyer feels more like leaving a review.


Reviews and stars are a BONUS when the client is happy with your work. It is not compulsory for a buyer to review you, some may choose to do so if you’ve really impressed them. Requesting them to review you, could end up backfiring as some clients don’t want to, can’t be bothered etc and requesting them for a review could annoy them and make them leave a less favourable review.

The review is not your goal as a seller, delivering good quality work is your goal. Getting upset and disturbed about them not leaving a review, will just cause you unnecessary stress - you can’t control what your buyer does (or doesn’t do).


This has happened to me with my last 4 jobs, clients paid but left no reviews. As someone who is just getting started here on Fiverr, I only have 8 reviews, those 4 would have been helpful. I have come to understand and accept that as long as I get paid I cannot worry about whether or not a review is left, especially since we are not allowed to ask for a review once the work is completed. I do wish that buyers would understand that positive reviews are beneficial to us sellers but unfortunately some do not.


Thanks Offlinehelpers for your guidance. Regards

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I agree with you . You are right !

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Thanks Sjorscrusius, sue_mcl, Lamonthenley1 for your advise and guidance.
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Good thinking. I think so.Its a bonus for seller.

Some buyers do not even know there is a review and rating system.Please make sure your buyer know it well.

Thanks, How to make the buyer realize regarding so that he will give the seller reviews?

Simply state your buyer about the review process and how it is important for your career development in this marketplace. If they like your service they will spend a few seconds to this, Be sure.
And never ever ask for specific review/rating from a buyer, it will violate community rule. Just remind them to put a feedback.

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Indeed, in formal writing, “Dear Sir” doesn’t necessarily imply female. I’m a female and learnt this from a top EMI (English as Medium of Instruction School) gal school in HK. Correct me if “Dear Sir” isn’t applicable to female audience in casual conversation, since I have never used such term in semi-formal or informal context.

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Good that I search and read your comment before texting my first client asking her for review…


Even I am facing this issue. Most of the clients are happy with the final product and then suddenly just marked the order as complete. A reason why most of my dedicated works for the clients is not showing on my Portfolio which I personally give more preference to the Reviews.

That’s some buyers choice, I also too disturbed on my previous account, They Pay you for doing work and giving reviews is their choice. You cant also say your buyer to review them to make your profile powerful. It’s against Fiverr and you may be canceled for this if you do so.