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If buyer don't pay for your work, then what you have to do?

Greetings. I hope you all are alright. You wanting to know what we do if buyer don’t pay?
The answer for this question is stay calm, believe in yourself and believe in GOD. Don’t cruel with buyer. Because buyer is everything. He or she can report you and you can loss your account or account will be banned.
It’s very rare, mostly buyers pay according to their words and few give tips also.
So if one buyer not pay you don’t loss hope. Just move on. You will definitely find the fruit of your struggle.
Hope u understand. Best of luck. :+1::innocent:


Excuse me? What does that even mean?
SELLER send a quote or set up a gig price not what a client decides to pay.
Secondly they have to place an order and pay BEFORE STARTING ANY WORK so there is no way for them not to pay.
Tips are also not obligatory.


Buyers always pay for sellers services.

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I am telling my experience. One a seller he start order and when i deliver their work he says it’s not fair. I have pay too much for this code. It’s only one page code etc. He start augment like this and then complain to fiverr and bring all the money with him. And fiverr give me warning also.
I hope now u understand.

No I don’t.

Then YOU for sure did something wrong and broke fiverr rules. Fiverr doesn’t cancel orders or giving warning without a reason.

Instead of just blaming buyers you should better look at what you did wrong, why you got a warning and work on not making same mistake again in the future.


Ok ok🇵🇰. Can u tell me one more thing? I am new here. In this fiverr forum BADGE help us in gaining order?

If only people would follow this advice…

It’s 2020 and sadly we can’t expect people to reflect upon themselves, or take any responsibility for their own actions.

Proven right with the last post: “help us

People need to learn how to help themselves. It’s the most empowering thing…

Give a man a fish…


Are you not worthy of the skills of self-education?

Is the knowledge you seek, not actually worth seeking, or do you expect someone else to just give you the Holy Grail and allow you to sip from the pool of never-ending sales, with no effort?


I am able. Thnax for guiding me now i will learn feom here by my own study. I will get first order with my struggle. :innocent: