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If buyer drop random links?

I am a Graphics Designer. Many buyercome and drop random links and say to do the simillar desig. Is it ok when the buyer sharing a shop link, a post link, a product link or anything else? It looks buyer come and share a tshirt link from etsy,teespring something like that.


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Depends on the context of the communication. If they don’t seem interested in buying from you, they’re probably just gathering clicks, in which case the messages are spam, should be reported, and the buyer blocked. (Viruses are also a risk of random links.)

If you’re suspicious of the link, ask for a screenshot. If they refuse, it’s almost definitely fake.


Thank you for your comment. I would like to know is there any risk for my id if the buyer drop the link ? just some buyer send a message with some t-shirt links from many online stores… that’s an example what’s happening regularly .