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If buyer request option is is close should we make a new Fiverr account?

If buyer request is closed by fiverr due to low ranking should we maintain our account or remove and make a new account for buyer request and start working?

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No. If you read how Buyer Requests work you’ll see you only get access to a couple if you are a new seller.

Isn’t it easier to research how things work?

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Though the OP is saying he gets access to none at all (eg. because of his average rating). It doesn’t let you access it/send offers unless you are at least 90% positive rating (I think that means at least 4.5 star average), which means just one 4-star review at the start can mean you can no longer send offers to BR.

Maybe if it’s been a long time since you got an order and BR is the only way you’d have really of getting an order, you could ask for permission from Fiverr/CS to close the account and open a new one (which would then allow access/sending offers to BR).