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If buyer Share his/her contact Information, what I have to do?

I am a level 2 seller. I am using Fiverr from last 6 months having 184 reviews. I have a problem many time buyers send me contact details and try to talk to me outside, even once a client sent me skype ID and I got a warning from Fiverr I only replied to her I cannot contact you outside.

Now please tell me what I have to do because I got a contact detail in my inbox a few minutes ago what I have to do.

also, I have another question. some clients came here nad ask me to develop their website in 5$but I said that 5$ is not the price of the website and sometimes they reported me what I have to do with this.

Thank you,

also when I make him spam after few minutes they make him unspam.

As far as the contact info issue, it’s usually not an issue if a buyer sends it to you occasionally without a prompt and you just tell them it’s against the Fiverr ToS to contact outside. If you are getting a lot of buyers sending it, that’s unusual, so be careful you aren’t somehow giving them the idea that they should. Make sure you don’t use any “red flag” words yourself when you message, even if it’s an accident. Another thing you can do is to contact CS immediately if a buyer gives you contact info. Just let CS know you didn’t ask for it and you want them to be aware of that. Don’t make too big a deal of it, just state the basics.

As far as the $5 issue, it sounds like between that and the contact info thing, you may just be having trouble with communication. If someone orders a website for $5, you already have a package set up for them offering a 2 page site. If they ask for more, all you have to do is cut and paste from your own gig offering what you do for $5 and Customer Support will back you. If the buyer wants more, point out exactly which extras and which packages they need for that. If you stick to your own gig description, speak politely and be a professional, a buyer can report you if they want to but that won’t do them any good.

:slight_smile: Thank you for all of your words :slight_smile:

If client share his website link in inbox where i have to work,will it cause any problem to account?

Would you like to tell me is it problem if I share my portfolio website link by inbox with my client?

There is a list of allowed URL’s at the bottom of this page.

If your website isn’t on that list, you can’t.