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If Buyer Shared Their Mail and Password (Need for their work) At The OrderPage in Order Requirements

If Buyer Shared Their Mail and Password (Need for their work to complete) At The OrderPage in Order Requirements so i can logged in and do the work, then what i can do? I need to contact support because they shared details them self?



\Please contact the fiverr support as soon as possible. Else you will get into trouble.

Before you do anything, contact support and get their permission. Otherwise you’ll put your account in danger.


Okay i contacted fiverr cc. Thanks

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I think you don’t need to worry because TOS clearly says:

Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the order page.

There are many cases when you need credentials to complete the order. If you get this information on the order page, you are more than fine.


I totally agree with vovkaslovesnyy. There’s no point you have to contact support every time your customers shares contact details. The support peoples are smart and they know that sometimes you need the email to complete the job.


Getting it on the order page isn’t what makes it “fine”. Relevance to the work is what makes it fine.

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There’s nothing like that in TOS.
And it’s obvious from the original post that the seller needs this information.

Nothing in the ToS says you are fine to use log in details as long as they are in the “order page.” That kind of policy would mean people could exchange any information and then they would scam, take work off Fiverr, etc.

You can use login details if they are relevant to the work and you have permission from CS, not just because they were on the order page.

Things don’t become safe just because they are in their order page. They are only safe if they are relevant.

If you check my message, you will see that I mentioned “you need credentials to complete the order”. For example, you may need login details for a CAT system or CMS system.

In addition to that, I’m sure that one shall share such details only on the order page.

I know. You also said that “if you get this information on the order page, you are more than fine.”

Grammatically this means that the fact that it is on the order page is what makes it safe, that anything is safe by default as long as it is posted there.

I am correcting this because people don’t read between the lines here and will assume that they can log in to whatever they want as long as they got the log in details on the order page. That’s how a lot of sellers think, unfortunately.

I got answer from fiverr CC. They told you can discuss everything you need on only on order page and also add in your gig description what you need from buyers so fiverr support will approve gig and then you can take details from buyers.


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I’ve only been on the buyer side of this, but I’ve had several orders where I had to share login details, including e-mails and passwords, for the seller to complete the work.

This is covered by the ToS:

Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the order page.

So - sharing details needed to complete the work is perfectly fine. I never heard of any seller I’ve worked with getting in trouble for this because it’s a basic need for the gig.

If sellers had to contact customer support every time they had to receive details to complete an order, the CS team would be swamped with thousands of requests daily, and the orders would be consistently late because of this.

So do not fear: sharing login details that are necessary to complete the work in the order is perfectly fine. And when it comes to sharing details needed for the work, this should always be shared on the order page anyway.

If communication in the order page gets flagged, it’s easy for the Trust and Safety team to evaluate at every turn - but only as long as the information has been shared in the relevant order.

So to answer the OPs question: no, you don’t have to contact customer support every time you have to share or receive sensitive information in the order. As long as that information is relevant and necessary to complete the work, you’ll be fine. If it gets flagged, the team will have a look and conclude with it being within the guidelines.

I see some individuals in this thread think they have to contact customer support every time - but if you think about it, that would create a complete mess for both the support team, sellers, and buyers.

With that being said, you always have to be careful when sending or receiving this sort of information. If you’re not sure that the information is relevant, for example if a buyer asks you to contact them outside of Fiverr for details etc. you need to stop that head on.

I always explain in the clearest possible manner that this goes against the ToS, and that I’m not willing to risk my account. If the buyer persists, I’ll contact the customer support, and block the individual.

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