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If buyers request option captured by sellers request!


Who are new they generally knock buyer request option but it’s now using nonsense seller’s gigs promotion option. My question is that why fiverr authority don’t trace and give punishment of them.


From what I was told, they have to be reported to Customer Support. Meaning we have to note the infraction along with the sellers responsible one by one. Just telling them won’t go any further than “can you give us some names.”

Hopefully some form of moderation will come to light in the near future but that’s wishful thinking.


Kamal_kohli posted 30 may 2016.he want to sell his database but without creating any gigs he went buyer’s section to sell his service. Is it not wrong for him to post their?


There are tons of such sellers posting in Buyers Requests. But it’s funny when they will only receive offers from other sellers. LoL.


Hahaha, yes! This is the only way to contact them. This way they get confronted with their own stupidity :slight_smile: