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If buyers use prohibted or banned words during the inbox conversation . They will get warning?

We all know that Fiverr does not allow us to direct with any body according to TOS . if buyer is new he/she does not know about the tos of fiverr and he/she use ban words then FIVERR SYSTEM will warn either buyer or saler . can anybody clearfiy please ?



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Whenever you type the word “pay” in a message on fiverr it shows a little reminder at the bottom of your message. Beyond that, I do not know.

I think context makes using these words fine. For example, if a customer writes to me asking if I can write about financial affairs, the word “money” is likely to pop up in the discussion. I ignore it, and any buyers who do use money/emails etc as a way to get me off site get a friendly warning. Bit of a non-issue, really, although I do enjoy it when people write things like "e mail and “mo ney” to circumvent it…and it works (no more nanny warnings)! An absolutely pointless warning!

In my experience with my buyers, when they use some forbidden word, I receive the message with a delay, but that’s all.
For example, a few days ago a buyer bought my gig, but he had some problem with Paypal. He sent me a message immediately to tell me so and to inform me that maybe I’d get a duplicate order (he wrote ‘Paypal’ in his message). I was online, but I didn’t get his message until two hours later, when I had already sent him a mutual cancellation for the duplicated order.

I guess that messages with forbidden words are intercepted for human review, and if they’re ok, there’s no problem with them.

It also depends on the context in which the word was written. I think it might flag the message for review. If the word in question is not used in a manner inconsistent with TOS, nothing happens. I know that because I have occasionally used the word “pay” in messages, explaining to a buyer that I don’t want her to have to pay $50 for something she won’t be able to use, so let’s do a basic tester gig first for $5. Nothing happened because that doesn’t violate the TOS.

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There was a buyer who wanted me to contact him via Skype for faster communication (and because he was lazy, didn’t want to write his instructions down, and apparently thought that I would remember every word he says). That message of his was delayed, and I only received it a day later, after he had placed his order.

I don’t know whether he received any warning about it.

catwriter okay thanks for sharing your experiences…


Reply to @chellevanhoy: I know about these but sometimes new buyers does not know these . so Fiverr give warning regading this to the buyers as well . or who will be the resposible for the punishment buyer or saler because its start by buyer ??


Reply to @pintoo0: Oh, I asked Customer Support about this once. It’s whoever said or typed the word, so in the example you asked, it’s the buyer… :slight_smile:

Reply to @theratypist:

Thank you for your answer … Yes i was curious and worry about that they will ask saler because soemone wrote message or want to direct that message is not even delete or hide by system even using ban words then . its on saler how he handle that situation so i always wrote this sentence " please contact here thats against fiver tos " i hope this enough for the prove … because i dont want anybody trouble me in any bad situation . what do you think

Reply to @emmaki: Your are saying that ignoring these words will not do anything ???..

I am website developer so mostly user ask me to create e mails for their websites so i feel sometimes difficult to make them explain about that … and also i feel fear if i wrote these words it will create problem because i want to make other person understand regarding email account of their websites. thats the part of my job … so is this the case like you ?? and you are TRS and you can ignore these you got premium support i am level 2 so i have to ensure these things what do you think ? your comments will be valuable . this is the first post of mine and i have started posted and helping others . take part in this huge community

Reply to @kjblynx: Yeah you are right !!! somehowe people not care about that small tick . thats the reality so 90 percent people in this word ignore these checks . we are habitual of next next next hahah m i right ???

so yes fiverr is having more than 3m gigs so they are managing everything . they have full fledge system in the backend . …

Reply to @chellevanhoy: okay i got your point of view :slight_smile: if someone wrote in the context of something then it will not hurt seller.

I’m apparently blocked, so I can’t reply with my real reply…

EDIT: I used a blocked word! BRB, figuring it out with weird spaces.

Reply to @pintoo0: well, I don’t know. It’s quicker to write a new message than figure out where I “went wrong”. TRS is just a shiny badge that means nothing, only what other people invest into what it could mean. Think about it.

Quit worrying about the damn words you use in comms. You know the TOS, stay in them and warn people who want to go rogue. It’s not rocket science. Then you MAY get a TRS, but that appears to add more BS to an already large pile. Be careful what you wish for, because one day you might get it.

EDIT: “premium” support means you get pushed to the front of the queue, but not much else. I don’t care about speed–I care about efficiency. (OK anal people, I know speed is a part of that equation but for me it isn’t!). Sort out the issue fairly and don’t cut corners. This is one of Fiverr’s biggest problems. Site is growing too fast, and there’s not enough staff to handle it. Not to mention the “downtime”. In a european time zone too… (I can’t figure out which timezone should get shafted for regular downtime maintenance, maybe the mid-pacific? But that screws Hawaii so never gonna happen…)

Reply to @pintoo0: yep that’s just right. Always follow Fiverr’s TOS and remind the buyer about it incase he/she violates it.

Reply to @emmaki: Thanks for your valuable response . Yes i have the wish to become TRS and i am working very hard for it .I was working fiver along with my studies but the good thing is i have completed my bachelor so now i can give full proper time to the fiverr and will try hard to acheive the desire goal.

okay so many things are clear in my minds from talking with a TRS so premium support does not mean that give a vip protocol etc just entertain first before other normal users. Yeah TRS IS THE BIG RESPONSIBILITY as well …

so thank you again :slight_smile: i will keep your points in my mind