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If Client wants to send me a product that I've designed for him and for this he is asking for the contact address, what should I follow to receive his gift for me?


Hi there,
I’m a level one seller on Fiverr. Recently, I’ve completed a project in a daily journal book. Now, the question is my client wants to send me a copy for me and wants my address. What should I do in that case? I know providing an email or another communication ID is restricted by Fiverr ToS. In this case, if I share my home address will it be a problem for me?


You’ll have to ask Customer Support if you want to be sure that you won’t get into trouble.


To us it will never be possible
but with fiverr help this might be possible


Yes of course, you will get banned. Also it would not be smart to give out your address to anyone for other reasons.

No need to have anyone send you anything.


No he won’t. There are plenty of gigs that involve shipping. In fact, fiverr even has an option to set up shipping fees if your gig involves shipping to your address. I agree that it isn’t advisable to get it shipped directly to your home address, but he definitely won’t be banned for this.


It’s not against the TOS, but for safety reasons, I’d get it shipped to a neutral location / pick up point rather than to your home address. This is just a precautionary measure, it’s unlikely that anything bad will happen if you provide your home address (though I’d always err on the side of caution).


I have a P.O. box for just this reason.


I got permission from Customer Support recently to send my address to a client. It was not necessary for the gig but the client wanted to send me a copy of the book I had worked on with him. Just explain exactly why you want to give your address and it should be ok.


what is fiverr ToS?..


You’re working on this platform and haven’t read the ToS? :hushed:
It’s easy to find… :carrot: :rabbit2:


thanks! I want to know What is the means. ToS?



ToS = TERMS OF SERVICE aka Fiverr ToS. :ok_hand:t4:



I wish I knew this sooner…one of my clients was offering me a %40 discount on any product from his e-commerce site with free shipping…welp.


Always ask - it is never an issue to ask.
For some things they have told me a straight no but in general there is not an issue if you are clearly not trying to get around ToS.


Thanks a lot for you advice


Wht are you even considerinfg this? Don’t give your address to strangers!


This is only true if either:

A. He has to use the contact information in order to complete the gig


B. Fiverr has given him permission

In this case he does not need to give his address to the buyer to complete the gig, it is already complete, so your advice is a little off. He could be banned if he gives it out without CS permission. CS is pretty reasonable in most case (as @eoinfinnegan said) and may give him permission, but it is up to them, not to the forum.


Closed before any more misinformation is added.