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If Edison was a great Inventor, Hitler was a great Vegetarian

Discuss this controversial question, already laid low by Godwin’s law.

This is so going to get shitcanned…

Not funny.

It displays the use of a non sequitur for classic shock value by mentioning the name Hitler.
Describing Hitler as a great orator might make sense, but can anyone really be a great vegetarian? Logically there would also have to be a class of inferior vegetarians.

Therefore Edison was a great inventor, but Hitler was simply a vegetarian.

Had she been in the UK, she would be an editor at The Mirror, The Sun or The Daily Mail by now.

Off the topic. Emmaki has written many funny things that for some people some of those things are harsh/rude. I feel guilty sometimes for laughing, but I coudn´t help it. I sometimes laughed so much that I teared. I showed a few of her comments to my husband and he laughed too (sorry, what can we say? :slight_smile: ). Thanks for those good laughs, Emmaki. You don´t have to answer me, I just wanted to say that :stuck_out_tongue: