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If Edited gig then any change gig ranking

Hello Seniors :slightly_smiling_face:
If I change my gig title or image or description, then any change gig impression or ranking.
I’m confused, a few days ago I edited my gig keyword and title, after that, I could not found the search keyword of their gig. Please share your experience :cowboy_hat_face:

Advanced Thanks


Gig title affect gig ranking.
You can change gig image, description.

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Brother I think I see many posts every week about people change some thing on their Gig and their Gig ranking lose. I didn’t see any post that people change something on their Gig and they got better ranking. So, its clear that if you change something in your Gig, your ranking is lose.

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yes brother you are right

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Thanks brother for your kind information

Few days ago I view a seller posted that he changed his Gig image and his Gig was deleted automatically !

Gig edit can hamper/dsetroy like me