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If English is NOT your FIRST language, read this!


Hey there!

If you aren’t fluent in English, you probably have grammar/spelling/punctuation errors in your gig descriptions.

I almost order many gigs but then am really put off by the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in the descriptions. I know it might be a weird reason not to order a gig, but let’s face it - if I didn’t order it, others aren’t either!

I would like to help you increase your sales by fixing this! And it’s simple, just check out my gig ( and I’ll help you out!!


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"I almost ordered many Gigs"

I suggest changing your second paragraph’s first sentence (third if you count “Hey there!” into: “Many times I almost order a Gig, only to be put off by the grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes in the descriptions.”


^ Sorry, after reading more in the forum I realize my comment above could count as spamming. There are a lot of good proofreaders and copy editors available here, I’m sure their services are worth $5 at least.


I agree with OP. I may not order gigs here [or anywhere else for that matter, because i’m interested in selling] BUT i am put off by bad spelling and grammar errors as well. It is highly possible my gigs dont sell because I didn’t tweak them enough, but when I see others complaining “why don’t i sell?? insert crying faces here What do i do??” I sometimes take a look at what they want to sell. Their gigs are usually not clear enough and full of errors.

SO, if you’re a new seller and you have no order, check your grammar and spelling. There are people here willing to help you, sometimes for free, so seek THEM for help.

good luck :>