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If Fiverr alive? - What Happened?

I have been on Fiverr for more than 5 years, I am really worried because from the “BUG of GIG views” I have not received any messages or orders.
It is very difficult to know if Fiverr is doing its job of exposing our Gigs because there is no way to see the numbers.
I have seen in this forum people who assure that we should lower prices and make special offers to receive offers from new clients, however
I want to know if anyone knows what is happening in Fiverr?
When are you planning to solve the problem?
I am one of those who Fiverr is an important income and suddenly everything has stopped.
Is the same happening to you?
Are you receiving orders and messages as always?


I have the same problem,orders and messages stopped,I don’t know what’s going on,happens something strange,waiting for the solution of problem


This is the post you are looking for:


I’m just saying that all platforms fall, that’s inevitable. The problem is that Fiverr only indicates a problem in the Gigs view. The impression I have is that the whole system is failing. I hope it will be resolved soon. Just as I must “always” deliver my orders “on time” to avoid heavy penalties.


Great ! Thanks for write.
Great article, sadly it doesn’t answer the question. It is the first time that in 5 years I see that something is not working. At least in my case I don’t see the Gig views. There is no way of knowing whether or not that change in the algorithm is beneficial. Even changing and editing the Gigs, nobody is going to check if their Gigs are really being shown.
Generally that is what I do, when I see that nobody writes me I take actions, I create new Gigs, I try to lower prices, make offers. But this time how can you know?
I think it takes more than just a great 5 page post.

They need to solve the problem or maybe they have to tell us that things are like this now.!

Just as the “clearance times” at all levels changed one day, just as they placed a very complex penalty system based on various variables, perhaps now the idea is that we must be blind and trust as the red notice says "We are doing things as always only that at the moment they are not seen "


No. There hasn’t been new messages or new orders for last 2 weeks. So there is a problem with the site and all of the gigs have moved to last page. You are not the only one.


It seems (I’m reading the forum) that this is a “new feature” Gig Paid Promotion or something like that.
Some are commenting that Fiverr introducing the possibility that we pay to be promoted in addition to the 20% that they already charge us.
They are testing now this feature, so it looks like this is NOT a bug.


What’s stopping you from doing that now?

I know you think you are flying blind without your analytics, but if we are being honest the gig analytics were not tellings us that much.

If you are an experienced seller you can tell when things are going well or if there’s something up.

There is definitely something up, but we don’t know what and Fiverr will not tell us.

That’s a given. What do you do with the cards you’ve been dealt?

Most sellers are considering trying new stuff but we suddenly realize that we are not 100% sure of what works now or that we even know what we did back then that worked so well.


Where can we see the “new feature”. Is it for TRS only?


Hello Frank,
Can you tell about the “new feature”. Is it available for TRS?


@pvitalsolutions The new paid promotion ads still in beta mode, it is only available for just few sellers picked by Fiverr team in order to test the effectiveness of the features before rolling it out to more sellers.


Do you think because of this “new feature” fiverr purposely removed the gigs from search so sellers pay fiverr?


No, that’s most definitely NOT what’s happening.

This is a conspiracy theory, until someone can provide ample proof.

@pvitalsolutions As I mentioned on my own post, it’s not available just for TRS but it is only available for a test group of sellers.

I was told I was added to the second wave of the roll-out but the second wave hasn’t been launched yet and it’s been over a month.

So they are definitely having issues.


Anything can be expected from Fiverr. They do what they feel right which infact isnt right.


In the spirit of sharing said knowledge let me inform you that it’s against forum rules to double post. Edit your initial post if no-one has replied underneath and you have something more to say.

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Got it. Thanks for telling. I didnt knew.


I don’t think so, it is just an old wife tales that holds no water… There is no proof to the above point


Well I don’t understand why fiverr is not doing this on a staging site instead why they have to keep hold of fiverr live site for this gig views functionality. Once they test it on staging they can migrate it on live site that’s a basic rule but not sure for what reasons then keep holding the gig views here which is affecting sales of so many sellers.

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Same problem. I am worried.

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Fiverr’s been dead for me in May. Now it’s picked up to the point I have to turn people away (and that’s right after I got my first legit negative review for the Fiverr’s Choice order, no less). The buyer has threatened me so maybe their behavior nullified the impact in some way.

The contrast is a bit crazy and I’m holding on just because this wave of non-stop action is temporary.