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If Fiverr alive? - What Happened?

Yes, same is happening with me. My top selling gig was ranked on first page and later it stopped showing in search results and even with searching my full title it did not showing in results but today when I searched full title of my gig then it was showing on the last of the results. Its strange, I am not receiving new orders or messages of new buyers.

I hear it for 2 months :frowning:

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We all hope so! Maybe they are adjusting things

For this reason, I think that there are people who continue to work, because there are vendors on that list. The problem is that neither you nor many people appear!
It is not a theory … It is a fact! They left us out

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So I started writing here because of that!
It is the only thing that can be done! Here I have read stories from more than 30 sellers and we are going through the same …
The issue is urgent, we need a real and formal response from Fiverr. Things have changed? okay! What must we do to enter again?

Hey Guys I’ve found this post
Maybe could work…
I’m reading now…

alright this is interesting, cause I thought I was going crazy. I didn’t get any orders or messages in the last two weeks …

Yeah I never received any order or message that is not spam anyway so I can’t really tell the difference here .-.

@carlosrada1 I have the same concern. I have been on Fiverr since Apr 2020 and got many messages and requests from buyers but this month I have not been getting messages either let alone orders. It’s been 1 week no interaction in my inbox!

Hey Carlos,

I am also facing a similar issue as I have not been getting any messages and we have no idea about the impressions that the gigs are getting. Secondly, I am also having trouble getting quality buyer requests about services related to my gigs, if I am getting any at all.

Is anyone facing issues with buyer requests as well?

I have received no Order and All that I have received Completed before delivery Date , Only Cancelled On Order in total

But now again they dropped my Completion rate 90-89%

First from 92-90 then 89% If I calculate percentage my self then it is 92%

Why they drop my Completion rate even I have not received any Order after this issue.

Now my Completion rate is 89% they dropped from 92% , Even I have not received any Order since this issue.

you have any idea that when new update is coming any idea ?

its worthless nothing happened fiverr put our account on last page not only 1 gig. our all gigs which are ranking on top are at last pages even when fiverr team added a new page my gig slides to that page even fiverr support is not responding now

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I just wanna try with one of my Gigs. I’ll change , edit, upload new videos just to check…


I tried that. But nothing happened.

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Do you try to create a new Gig?

I tried each and every way. even do guest post on 500k traffic website convert 3-4 orders via this but still at last page


I can see a lot of newbies on this forum!
Take a look this girl, She got tip tpday, se reach 500K, she is in 5th place on search list??
Maybe Fiverr is having chance to new users!!

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I created new GiG but Nothing.