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If Fiverr alive? - What Happened?

Friend believe me! After months with this problem I think it is a change. It is not a Bug!
They usually solve a bug in hours.
This is a new way of working with Fiverr, some of us are left out and others continue to sell.
In this post there are dozens of people with the same problem as us, but a couple of people say they continue to sell …
If you look in that search list of Fiverr there are people selling right now, we after 5 years and all the merit are no longer there.

They wanted us out?
Will they let us return?
Will this become **********? (I mean you can apply for work offers but you pay to be first on the list, you pay for the courses)

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I don’t think they talk about problems on the platform. But I think they will explain where Fiverr is going.
When we all understand this new path, we will likely find a way to participate.
Frank after all this time let’s face it, Fiverr has no mistakes!
It is a new way of operating maybe they will explain there…

" Introducing, The Shift , our free virtual summit featuring skill-based workshops, discussions around future trends, networking opportunities, and resources for building and optimizing your online business."

The Shift…!!! we are facing the shift

I think you have a very distorted POV right now and whatever this event is, it’s not something you will find helpful.

You are heavily misinterpreting what the “shift” is.

It seems like you feel like Fiverr is out to get you.

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This is very weird situation now a days hope everything will be solved soon this month was worst

I hope so!! or maybe we have to adapt. I suggest you to register in the FIverr Shift event. is free!!!

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yeah I registered on this

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wow, this topic is really hot right now.
yesterday my gig is Fiverr’s choice (all finished with 5* and I got tip with 2 orders)
and always on the 1st or 2nd line of the search’s results for a few months recently.
but today it’s near the bottom of page 1.
(maybe because of 1 cancellation by buyer mistake on a different gig)
Kind of weird but it’s not too bad for me.

anyway, I can’t see carlosrada1’s gigs, did his account been deleted? What happen to him right now?

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Hi there!

Thanks for writing here!
Here you have my profile

I’ve been on Fiverr by 5 years, as you can see all my Gig appear to be “active”. Saddly many sellers have the same problem, I think you have it now!

Nobody nows exactly the reason of this wear shift. Some seller have this problem like 2-3 months.
At first we thought it was a BUG because the views are not seen but I think this is the new Fiverr normal.

Other sellers have said in this long post that it is the new “paid advertising” scheme. We understand that a few sellers are testing it and that it will be operational soon.
It is evident that advertising will change the position of the sellers in the search lists, and it is possible that this current situation is the first step towards it.

I sincerely believe that the Fiverr business model will change, this is the only platform that operates in this way. They already included the famous “paid certification courses” and only “paid advertising” was missing for Fiverr to become something very similar to its well-known competition …

I think that those of us who have been working here for years must adapt, some sellers suggest having several different work options on other platforms or increasing the presence of your personal brand to make your customer portfolio.

I will always thank Fiverr for giving me the opportunity to make music for more than 25 countries on 5 continents.

We will be back? I do not know…
Do Fiverr want us back? I do not know too…

Do we have to change to continue? That is for sure, we are all doing it with the pandemic …

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I’ll see you there! Maybe we can know somwthing about this new platform.

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