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If Fiverr alive? - What Happened?

Sorry to hear about your negative review, but sounds like you may have some data to share.

Can you create a timeline of when things picked up again and how the current influx of orders came to be?

Sounds interesting.


I’m not sure how specific can I be, my head is on fire right now. But:

  • I get 2* on Jun 2. My first negative review. (I have an old 1* but tend not to count it because it’s for that order auto-completing). It’s a funny story for another time. The order is Fiverr’s Choice.

  • On Jun 3 I receive 2 orders back to back from new people of my other gig that no one ever buys. It’s very interesting because I haven’t gotten multiple orders from new people on the same day ever since Covid happened.

  • I complete those, get 5* for both. My main gig is dead.

  • On Jun 4 the buyer who left me a negative review comes to my inbox and tries to force me to remove the response I’ve left to their review. I report the threat and contact CS. CS tells me there is no case, he had a right to leave a review, I had a right to respond.

  • On Jun 5 I get another Fiverr’s Choice order on my main gig, finish that one with 5*. The person buys another 3 designs as a custom package. This new custom offer is also marked as Fiverr’s choice. I complete it with 5*.

  • It’s been a deluge ever since. I got to my entire May earnings around June 12th.

  • I should mention that my regulars start coming back in June and they mostly order bigger custom packages. Well, bigger for me. My basic price is $50. They mostly buy $150-200 custom offers.

  • I also get a few new returning customers. We start with a basic package, they later come back to get another 3-4. If that has anything to do with, well, anything.

  • My delivery time was 3 days during quarantine, I had to switch it back to 4 days in June. Doesn’t seem to affect anything. I usually deliver 12-24 hours before the deadline.

  • May was terrible. I hit my “comfortable minimum” but barely. Had a few unpleasant interactions with buyers. I worked for that “comfortable minimum” hard.

  • No cancellations since Apr 1. Then I had the same custom offer canceled twice because the buyer couldn’t sort out their payment method. It led to $700 of canceled funds (my absolute record) handing over my head till Jun 1. CS assured me it wouldn’t affect anything but who knows.


It might be that you got an order where the buyer left 5 stars and quickly ordered again. That’s the only thing that stands out for me in your timeline, as far as your deluge goes.

Very interesting.


I’m sure they do test some things in sandboxes but I don’t think you can test everything on a staging site, for example, how real buyers react to promoted gigs under real circumstances.


So right now there are pay per click ads on fiverr for a few select sellers? Do their gigs show that they are paid?
If so I’m sure that they must have an analytics section specially made for that.

To prevent people from repeatedly clicking on pay per click listings it would be best if they were not marked as that.


Getting Logo Design Clients is much easier through Instagram platform. Thanks to the bug that I took decision to shift to insta and leave fiverr for few months.
I am getting a lot of clients through insta as compared to fiverr where I got just one.
I feel that this bug is gonna take forever to fix.


The thing about pay per click ads I wonder about on fiverr is, that even if your gigs are on the first line sometimes, does that show the same way across the entire platform? I ask because of the way it’s really hard to tell where exactly your gigs are, or what demographic or location they are shown in.

It’s not quite as easy as saying “my gigs are on the first line” since I can’t be sure exactly how they are displayed even if I do see them there. Things are confusing as far as being able to tell who sees your gigs.


I see lena’s gig on the top row, under her category. My gigs jump around on the top two rows sometimes. I get tons of orders when that happens. If they move down the page, not as much.

I actually put in more hours during down times it seems like as far as staying online.

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I don’t think so, the algorithm has too much data for that, the data would be wasted if it wasn’t used for a more targeted approach.


The only way this pay per click on fiverr will work is if it really does work well for sellers, who gain substantial profits from it, so they need to tailor the placements of gigs using it for maximum exposure.

This would be a huge change requiring careful testing, so it makes sense to me to shut down all analytics data while this is going on. I can understand that. I could also understand if the arrangements of gigs in the rankings is temporarily affected by such a test.
It would involve changing how the algorithm is working.

My guess is that it’s only affecting certain categories.


is there any effect of covid ?

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My feeling is that Fiverr’s approach was to attempt to just slip the extra layer (paid ads) into the existing algorithm … resulting in the whole thing falling apart.

Add that to the tsunami of new sellers … major nightmare, from their point of view.

If that’s so, they’re having to write the thing from scratch, test it, roll back to a previous version … rinse, repeat …

And that’s why we don’t see the impressions etc - they’re changing the active algorithm too often for any of that to make any sense at all …


Thank you for taking the time to write this timeline.

May I ask how long it took for you to deliver the “Fiverr choice” orders? You delivered as per usual, or faster?


Same issue here …

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12-24 hours before the deadline on the 5-6 that I’ve got, including the one that got a negative review.

So 3 - 3.5 days. It’s my usual tempo, I tend not to rush things while at the same time trying to avoid the “less than 12 hours before the deadline” emails.


Please can you explain me a bit about fiverr’s choice, I mean are sellers selected for it or gigs? and when someone places an order, does fiverr see that this order is a bit interesting and mark the order as fiverr’s choice before you delivering it or it works the other way?
I would appreciate if you could help, thanks


I think they have always hand selected the top two rows at least, or been able to insert a few into those rows by hand instead of by algorithm.
I don’t think it fell apart. I think they may have altered it or changed what parameters it favors among gigs.

I think it was set to artificially boost some gigs and hold down other gigs that could have actually done better if things were left to rank gigs organically, so sellers could get orders even if they were less deserving for various reasons.

I think they took that set of parameters off in the last two months.

And by doing this, they can see what gigs are actually performing the best and which perform the worst, without any type of manipulations.


@misscrystal did you gigs rank again or still on last page ?

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Yeah - you’ve suggested this before, MissC. However, the way algorithms work doesn’t really have room for manual manipulation - far too complex for that.

The algorithm, whatever form it now takes, learns as it goes.


Is it possible they had a second algorithm they could have switched over to?

I know they have modified the algorithm in the past.

Maybe they have a separate algorithm for each category?