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If Fiverr is going to move our gigs, they should give us warning

Fiverr moved two of my gigs to a sub-category they created, which was in a totally different category. One of the gig changes was totally incorrect (It was primarily an image gig they moved to the “Writing and Translation” category) and the other one was fine in the new sub-category, but I had to scramble to change all of the information in the gig that was now incorrect because of the change.

They moved the other one back when I asked, but they didn’t apologize for having moved it to the incorrect category.

Also, because my gig is in a totally different category now, this may affect how people find my gig. So I need to prepare for that, too.

If Fiverr thinks my gig is better for a different category/new sub-category, that’s fine, but why not warn me first, so I can prepare for the changes?

What if I wasn’t able to get to a computer right away to change everything that was now incorrect? It would have made me look bad.


I absolutely hate this. Fiverr has done the same with two of my gigs in the past and guess what? They killed them in the process.

I was getting 1 sale every 2-days on my main video gig. Ratings were near perfect and I had just renewed my software licences. They changed the subcategory (and wouldn’t let me change it back) and now I average 1-sale a month.

They did the same to my copywriting gig. They moved that to general web content and sales died immediately. Only recently have I been able to recover this gig by moving it to a new subcategory.

As far as I’m concerned, Fiverr moving gigs is a kiss of death. If you can (and sales have been steady) I’d try moving any moved gigs back to where they were. You are also right, Fiverr should reach out to us first if they plan to make changes like this,


Yes, exactly!

It totally changes if and how your gig can be discovered and you can’t even prepare for the changes to your sales.

It’s so rude and tone-deaf. They’re pretty much admitting that they don’t care how their actions affect me. I’m just supposed to be excited that they have a new sub-category. Good for you, Fiverr!


It’s also very short sighted. With both my gigs, they seemed to move them as they were becoming more popular and getting the most sales in their respective sub categories. I say this, as they never moved any of my competitors gigs, and a lot of them were and still are in the wrong category.

It might also be worth checking to see if any of your competitors in your old category have stolen your gig description.

I have no idea if it is related. However, after Fiverr moved my copywriting gig, the new best seller in the category they moved my gig from turned out to be a seller using my gig description. This made me wonder if Fiverr might have a way of identifying duplicate (or similar) gig descriptions, and move gigs as a result. - That is just me speculating, though.


Thanks for that insight. I’m definitely going to look into that.

It doesn’t make sense to me why they would jeopardize the number of commissions they can get, but what do I know…


They’ve done that with a couple of my gigs in the past … I just move them back where they were …


I had Fiverr move back the one that was incorrect because I couldn’t change it myself (it was a different category and sellers can only move sub-categories).

I kept the new one where it is because it actually makes sense. I just wish I had some warning, so I could prepare for the changes.


I find that putting a gig on pause, before editing, allows the category to be changed.


Oh, I think I remember that. Thanks.

I’m still glad I asked them to move it. They should have a record of what they did, its impact on my business and how I responded.


Well … I prefer the passive aggressive approach …

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Is this allowed by Fiverr? Since I think I read that once created, a gig category can’t be changed.