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If Fiverr Really Wanted to Make Extra $$$'s

I’m just going to say it. I don’t care for many of these new things like Fiverr Learn, And Co, and whatever else is in the pipeline.

I don’t mean to criticize these new features. However… Well, I pay over $1,000 a year for products which I learn how to use to boost my productivity. On top of that, I’m a hawk when it comes to all important experimentation. - I experiment with new ways to hone my skills and when it works, I stand out because I am different. Can a $23 - $35 video course help me do that? Maybe it can for ‘exposure’ on Fiverr. However, to me, that sounds like a bribe. - Sorry.

Now I understand why Fiverr is doing what it is doing. I get it. Fiverr wants to stand out. However, standing out means being unique. As it is, I see nothing with a whole year of Fiverr updates on Fiverr which grabs me and makes me want to participate. In this case, I’ve decided to compile a few bullet points which instead of repackaging things like Udemy, would entice every single talented freelancer out there if they were ever introduced.

  • Banking. Ever heard of digital nomads Fiverr? Or for that matter, freelancers who can’t use PayPal because of where they are located? Organizing banking and payments can be a nightmare. Also, Payoneer fees are catastrophic. If Fiverr could roll out an addon banking/payment service which met international regulatory standards, you would kill it, even if your fees were a bit premium.

  • Healthcare & Insurance. Do you have any idea how expensive healthcare and insurance is for freelancers? Globally, it’s insane. In this case, why not start some kind of Fiverr exclusive healthcare and insurance scheme? Add it on as an incentive. Start earning a minimum of $50-$100K a year and get coverage for less from Fiverr than other major insurers. Fiverr would make a killing. Why? To earn that much, freelancers have to effectively surrender the outside world and contact with everything that can kill them. It’s win-win!

  • Web Hosting. I’ve mentioned before how I think it would be incredible if Fiverr set up a blog like Medium which any seller can contribute to. Instead of (or as well as) that, why not sell web hosting to sellers? Let sellers pay for space to build their own 100% Fiverr approved portfolio site. Give sellers a discounted rate using Fiverr’s buying power, and they will jump all over it like Duracell Easter bunnies.

  • Trade Union Membership. - Yes, this has the power to shake every business to its core. However, hear me out. Fiverr, you have a horrible reputation when it comes to random unquestionable bannings and so on. Spend enough time on the forum and you see it happen over and over. Now, mistakes do happen and I’m not asking you to change your ways. However, don’t you realize that by charging something like $10 a year seller protection, you could raise tons of money, by actually turning a bad reputation story into a “Wow! Fiverr is a success story?” - Allow sellers to pay $10 - $20 a year. For that, they benefit from a full investigation when things go wrong and expeditious remediation of problems. Serious sellers with nothing to hide will see this as an investment. Meanwhile, you can keep throwing mek-sellers with multiple accounts to the curb.

I realize that my points are a bit rambly. However, as I see it, Fiverr is trying to build a seller ecosystem a bit like a seller app store. I admire this effort. However, I personally see trying to train new mek-sellers and bribe existing sellers into achieving badges, as missing actual seller pain points. In fact, I will go as far as to say as this discourages sellers.

Fiverr, if you want to start earning extra revenue from sellers AND make them love you for it, start hitting the actual pain points!


It can very well be “paying to stand out” as you say I believe that too. Anyway I don’t really think it matters in the long run. What matter in the long run is that the freelancer is professional and does his job. If someone pays for promotions and can’t do anything to keep the attention he / she will drop again.


Some really nice ideas you put on the table @cyaxrex. The Trade Union seems specially appealing… I would be more than willing to be a part of that if it ever get a serious proposal from Fiverr, and for sure that will shake all industry. Great idea.

Let me add one bullet point:

  • FREELANCER INSURANCE: A special insurance made for freelancers and Fiverr sellers. Will cover you in the event you get sick and will pay the costs of routing your work to another freelancer, a compensation per day incapacitated, a disaster month relief (if something happens and your sales decreases more then XX%), and some other benefits. I would gladly pay that insurance.

I agree, but lets be fair. That kind of insurance would be heavily exploited. To qualify, sellers would need to earn a minimum of X amount and have no claims for specific periods after qualifying. Such things should be offered as an incentive to work more and actively bring business to Fiverr.

If I had the above coupled with some kind of seller protection, I would not spend everyday trying to grab work from anywhere. I’d spend that time trying to bring work here. That in my opinion, is the kind of thing Fiverr should be doing.


You can limit the exploits easily, like any other insurance. Of course, it may be only offered on some countries and with some requisites, but I think it has potential. I will look into it, perhaps some company is already offering some product like that.

Know what? I think the next BIG BUCKS company will be a Trade Union one with a twist… there is sooo much potential no one is developing. I already wrote some ideas and business scheme, but I lack the funds needed or contacts, I am afraid. But yes, we are in a new era where people need (and willing to pay) for the new millenial Trade Union. Add that to the seller protection we all need.

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I would like recurring monthly charges to buyers for ongoing services. They would not be able to cancel these without first notifying the seller in advance.

Also if a seller goes to the hospital they should not be penalized if they lose a level while they are sick. For example if their sales drop off when they finally come back it shouldn’t affect their levels. There should be a built in period of a couple of months while they get back up to speed as far as number of orders. This system should also apply to a yearly two week vacation.


That’s exactly why I don’t think monthly evaluations are fair - anything can happen in one’s personal life that might throw them off for a day, a week, even a month – or three. I think tri-yearly evaluations would be more reasonable - including the right to be sick and care for yourself properly – without being penalized, deal with ailing family members, have a baby, and the list goes on.

I am right handed and dislocated and broke my right wrist in 2 spots in May, and basically had to learn to type with my left hand - taking ZERO recoup time - to deal with the demands of the increasing monthly pressures – and not get demoted – because I wouldn’t afford it.

My wrist is still swollen and I am still not able to do everything I did pre-break. It is much better though!

I had days that I was literally battling tears all day, because of the pain, and trying to keep up.

But hey, I choose to work off this platform, and am thankful I can, so I sucked it up. But had I gone and told CS my dilemma - I would have been no further ahead.


I’ve dealt with a few crises’s in the last few years and somehow managed to not let it interfere but it was super human determination to do it.

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For sure! Maybe it builds character! lol… but tough nonetheless the go through when you feel like you have someone breathing down your neck all the time…:no_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:

You wouldn’t believe it if told you what has happened to me and I’ve still kept this going. I had a near death experience. I did shut my service down a few days that time.

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Wow! You needed to! That’s crazy! You’re okay now?

Yes I’m lucky…or just too tough to die.

Gotya! Good for you!

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Sooo… Fiverr is lowkey turning from a Free-to-play into a Pay-to-win kinda ‘game’ sort of speaking :smirk:

Nice points, I am pretty sure that Fiverr will not use any of them.

There is no point in copying other posts.

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We are really, really starting to be in need of a vaccine before it’s too late :slightly_frowning_face:

Please don’t continue copying other users comments and write your own comments. It will be OK if you do it using Google translate.

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