If Fiverr was your property, What changes you would do?


If Fiverr was your property, What changes you would do?


I would add more dog smileys in the forum.

@Woofy31 You were right, there are only two dog smileys (stickers?).
:dog2: :dog:


It depends if it was my only source of income, in which case I would mostly worry about filling my pockets (and make changes that support this agenda)…

However: Fastest way to get rich is to convince people that working for you is in their best interest.
(whether that is the case or not)


I would employ more people on the customer services side. They may cost in the short term but a long term business plan needs the confidence of sellers and buyers to succeed.


I would make more buyer and seller protection policies and anti-spam policies. I would also make sure to reduce payment waiting period from 14 days to 4 days.


This will be great! :heart_eyes:


if fiverr was my property i would like to take my gig on top of page :smiley:


Not only yours. Everyone’s wish here :joy:


I would sell it to amazon before it goes bankrupt.


I would weed out a lot of people (without note or further discussion) in order to give serious sellers and buyers a better experience.


Of course guys are working hard to maintain fiverr… Well I will put more focus to control spamming here… I will weed out people who do nothing but spamming…