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If gig deleted its review will also delete?

I am facing gigs impression getting down after editing many times if i delete that gig review on that gig will be delete too or not? Tell me plz what should i do

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Your reviews will always stay on your profile and will show up on your profile page. Obviously any new gig you create, though, will have zero reviews on it, as it’ll be new.


what should i do for maintaining impression that gig… its not working well after editing too.

After it’s been edited, a gig may be removed from search for a short period and/or lose its ranking position.

If you haven’t done so already, give your gig some time to recover.

You may also need to think about whether your changes improved your gig or made it worse. If you edited your tags or keywords, for example, you may have inadvertently chosen new ones that aren’t as popular.


Ok… Thank you so much

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And it is for this very exact reason, why it’s not prudent, or appropriate, to edit your gig(s) continuously. Editing should be left for when it’s really needed.

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No. Reviews will stay…

Bumping this thread to be 100% certain.

My original gig has a way different URL than it’s currently named, and when I’m done expanding my gigs, it will no longer match with the theme at all. Deleting the gigs will not delete the reviews, but instead keep them on your profile?

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I experienced that if you want to change niche on fiverr, you may have to delete your gig that has been reviewed. My account for instance, when I started selling on fiverr, I realised that I have more better services to render than the one i was doing, so I decided to delete my gigs despite that I have many reviews already. I took that decision because I don’t want to be Jack of all trad and I want my profile to tell a single thing about me. Now my new gigs are also doing well and I’m having my desired outcome gradually. Finally IF YOU DELETE YOUR FIVERR GIG, YOUR REVIEWS STILL REMAIN. Thanks