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If he disappears, will I still get paid? [RESOLVED]

I had someone buy a testimonial. I did it right away and delivered it while we were still conversing. Then, he stopped replying, and this was about 12 hours ago or something…

Worst case scenario, if the gig was already purchased, and I deliver the product, will I get my money even if he does not confirm anything?

Sheriff’s Note: The correct answer has been provided by corsara . This thread is now closed.

If he does not confirm the delivery, it will automatically clear in 3 days. And you will get paid in the standard 2 weeks.

Reply to @corsara: ok great, thank you! It’s my very first sale :slight_smile: listed about 36 hours ago. Hoping he confirms and leaves feedback so i can continue to sell and with some credibility.

Reply to @hermusic:

I’m glad you are getting sales! Even if you don’t get feedback, the fact you don’t have negative feedback will keep you going until you get some.

Like the above user commented, even if you don’t hear back, the order will automatically be completed after 3 days. From experience, I have found that people who are quick to respond up until after delivery are people who work for a team and need a team’s approval/comments before leaving a star review. Unfortunately, having so many different people on a team judging your work who don’t understand how Fiverr works can be a pain in the @$$. Board members will often expect free revisions such as outfit change, etc. Just a warning!

Hope you do get paid, because what others haven’t pointed out, is that the buyer can request a cancellation or modification even though you delivered.

Thank you so much to everyone! He was thrilled with my testimonial and I was paid today :slight_smile: Thank goodness haha! Now I have one review… lol