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If I am not able to send buyer request how can I get order?

Hi there
Some times less than 90% of rating and some time not get buyer request then how can I get order
Without buyer request I can not able to send message to buyer that I can provide different service if you want
Let me know your suggestions


Good question i have facing the same problem
What can i do?


@webuilders hope we all get this answer soon

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Make your Gig Updated and always check other sellers Gigs and improve yours.


sometimes it is instantly work or may not work .

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If your overall rating is at 90% that could be why you are not being exposed to enough or any buyers requests. You need to find a way to advertise yourself outside of Fiverr to get buyers to order your Gig and get your rating above 90%.


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Yes I also have same problem

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This is why you are not much active on fiverr forum. Plaease crate a forum so that you can get more requests to provide. One other thing is make sure your gig was created prrcectly . All the keywords was currect or was worng. check them out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@zeeshanwebsx ok thanks I will definitely try

@webuilders yes you are right

@genuineguidance thanks how can I get buyer from outside? Can you please explain in brief?

@qbo_xero_pro hope we got solution soon.

If you are unable to send buyer request, buyer can contact you directly if your gig shows in search result.

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@takrimahmedalvi thanks ok I will activate on fourm. How can I know my gig is perfect? How can I check keywords are right or wrong?

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@hinajehan ok thanks but my gig not show in search results withing few pages I think it’s too far in search results how can I take that in first three pages so I get good order?

If your gig perform better it will have a better position, if your gigs are getting clicks and views it means it is showing in search result.

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@ilovessasa i agree with you.


@hinajehan ok thanks

You have to stay active, then there might be a chance @ilovessasa

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@qbo_xero_pro ok i will stay active thanks let me know any other suggesion if you have

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