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If I am unable to do a job due to time constraints, can I refer the buyer to someone else?

Hi, I need some advice.

I love freelancing and especially doing so on Fiverr. I’ve been doing great! My problem is due to time constraints and scheduling issues I must often decline work.

Is it against Fiverr rules to promote another seller in my answer to the buyer? My reasoning is - if I can help a friend earn more, why not?

Obviously, it will be up to the buyer to decide if he wants to act on my recommendation.
May I do this?

I keep a handful of Fiverr sellers that I refer clients to all the time. I believe it would only be against the rules if you are referring them off of Fiverr.

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Great, thanks guys. I’ll spread the love.

Within my niche, I have some go-to alternate Fiverr Sellers I refer Buyers to under some circumstances. There’s nothing wrong with it if you keep it all within the Fiverr Family :slightly_smiling_face:

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