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If I can Just As Much As Get My Hands on this Buyer

Why are people always out to get others mad? I do not understand anymore. This month I have had to cancel 4 straight orders for no exact fault of mine. But this last one really gets me mad. I can’t just help getting frustrated.

This buyer contacts me about a week ago

A week after he makes his order, and then…

At this point am just Why, Why, Why, Why me Lord? If you have purchased press releases from sellers in the past and have had your map embedded. Why not go straight to them. Why choose me even after I made it clear I do not do map embeds.
Seriously, this is really frustrating. I am currently at 91%. Just 3weeks ago, I was on a 94% completion rate edging close to 95%. Immediately, after this cancellation, I will be on 90%, meaning I cannot afford any other cancellation in a month or two.

I tried to contact support if they could help cancel the order without any drop in my ratings and I got

I seriously do understand but all the curse words going through my mind for this buyer. I just can’t keep focus


Honestly Fiverr needs to have the option where us Sellers can ACCEPT or DECLINE an order to prevent this. I just had to cancel an order this past week as well because a Buyer purchased my gig, I asked him for several days (kindly) if he could provide me the form to work on and he got frustrated and said he didn’t have time. I’m am thinking to myself, thanks dude for messing up my rating because you just didn’t have time to provide the actual form.

I just have a question. Is there any way you can give him the press release with the map embed?

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