If I can provide WordPress Gig with Graphic design Gig


I have one query at on my Gig.
I want to provide the WordPress gig with graphic design gig.
Can i get the orders at my account?
I’m creating graphic design and getting the order on graphic design gig the wordpress gig isn’t going to top.
Any IDEA about this?


Please Clear it What Do you mean?

if you want to give Wordpress service , then Create Wordpress gig! if you want to give graphic service, then create graphic gig.

there are so many category for gig



If i can give both services any problem are show?


Look! if You open a gig with " i will do Your Illustration within 5 Hours" this Title then You only see illustration category buyer request!

yes if you contact a Buyer outside in fiver. and tell him/her with send your graphic design gig to order and You do her/his Wordpress service then it can…