If I cancel the order from this buyer, can they still rate me?


I’m having a client from hell and with only high ratings received in the past, I can feel that this person is eager to rate me badly. I also saw she leaves bad feedback for almost every seller she’s worked with.

There has to be a way not to ruin the whole rating I work hard for just because of one mean person. :frowning:


No, they can’t. :slight_smile:


really? Cause everywhere I read, they seem to be able to leave a review? was this in the past? has fiverr changed it?


I’m already balls deep with this order, it’s not a fresh one. She keeps on adding and asking and being rude.


I am not sure where got this info. from. As far as I know, it has never been that way. The buyer can only post a review after order completion.

The only exception to this is when the seller delays the delivery by so much so that the order goes into the extremely late stage. At this point, the buyer can initiate a cancellation of the order and Fiverr automatically gives the seller a one-star rating after canceling the order.


Maybe the confusion stems from the private review, which buyers are asked to leave after a cancelled order too, at least it was so, I can’t say for sure for now, I’m not in the habit of cancelling orders. :wink:
They can’t leave a public review, however, after a cancellation, and your star rating wouldn’t get affected. Your order completion rate will suffer from a cancellation, though.


The only negative impact of you cancelling will be to your Order Completion Rate, which will take a hit. We always notice a slight drop-off of orders following a cancellation, which can take anywhere up to a week or so to correct.

But if you’re really not enjoying working with this person, and believe that they’re likely to rate you poorly, perhaps it’s the lesser of two evils?


I’ve never cancelled anything and I wholeheartedly believe the buyer will leave a negative feedback as she’s done to other people I found. I am really scared to ruin my perfect rating :confused:
So I can just go to resolution center - ask buyer to cancel order - add reason - and then it’s done? No bad reviews?


The buyer needs to accept the cancellation, too. If they won’t, your only option is to go to support and ask them to cancel for you.

It seems that now it is possible though to write a response to buyer reviews, though, so if you decide to go through with the order either way, and get a negative review, you may have the chance to explain the issue from your point of view. I don’t know if that update is rolled out to everyone yet, though.


I don’t think I can explain to this woman how rude she’s being with her going “you’re right, I’m sorry” - that’s never going to happen. As in it will be impossible to change her review once she gives me a bad one. She’s one of those people where you can tell they only want cheap, communicates bad, says things like “are you kidding me”.

I think I might need to try and cancel, she can have the 10 dollars, the banner, I don’t even care. Just want it to go away.


i am really sorry to hear your experience but i can’t stop laughing after reading this address :smile: :smiley:
from hell !!


It’s a thing! Have you had any of them?
0/10 do not want again


And to make matters worse, this month I’m going to be reviewed for level 1 seller as I’ve reached all the milestones, and this could frick it up!


So have you already delivered a version of the work?


ahh … yes !! had one few days ago.
i got my first negative review after 2.5 years on fiverr.


I send the work I’m working on in the chat/order page so I can do edits. I always work like that and we came to a version she loves. I was about to deliver and she asked more, that was not in the gig. I offered her to buy a gig extra. She said she will pay only half. Me, being a kindass soul, I said it’s the holidays so okay, I’ll do it. Then she obvi doesn’t know how websites work and said it’s my job to figure out what dimensions her website needs, whereas I said no, only you can tell me the dimensions and I am professional and kind all the way. I just send another version in the messages and am waiting if she’ll pay for the discounted gig extra or not.
It sucks being a nice person sometimes. I gotta suck it up and cancel I guess.


that’s sad! What happened?


I didn’t mean explain to that woman, but explain how it came to that review for other potential buyers who may look at your reviews.

I understand how you feel and there are pros and cons to both cancelling and not cancelling in such situations, you need to decide that for yourself, I just wanted to mention that you will be able to comment on negative reviews, in case you get them, so that potential buyers can see both sides and decide whether they still would want to hire you or not.

If I, as a buyer, see something like this as a reply to a bad review

it won’t keep me from ordering from that seller, because I won’t ask anyone to give me more than I paid for, for instance, sensible people who don’t want to exploit others, would still order, and those are the customers one wants anyway. If such who’d plan on doing the same, won’t hire you, all the better.


Have you been in this situation? I’m just wondering how other people handle it. I feel like seeing that number go to 4.something is going to wreck it for me. Is it ever possible to go back to 5 star rating later on?


Most people who have been here for a while, have been in that or a similar situation if not all. It’s your decision, we can only give our points of view, and any helpful pointers we know of (like the option to be able to write a response to a review) but we can’t decide for you.

Some people cancel because they are afraid for their rating too much, some don’t because they want to rightfully be paid if they delivered what was agreed on and don’t want to make this game too easy for that kind of buyers, as they will leave with what they wanted and the money.

If you don’t have many reviews yet, it’s more difficult, obviously.