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If I cancel the order from this buyer, can they still rate me?


if you cancel the order manually okay its fine buyer won’t be able to make a review but your order completion rate go down automatically


This is sooo true. But again, I do only have 15 reviews so far, so getting a bad one could be bad for my page. I do want to call her out. She pulled another one just now. Asks more, still is not paying for the extra! omGOD


You looked at the thread I linked? She can leave you a bad review, but you can leave one for her too, which will show on her profile, for other sellers to see. Still, your decision. And whatever you do, stay polite and professional.


no they cant if you do it mutually


Yes, I did! And I know I can leave her 1 star as well, but I’m torn. Do I save my rating or do I hope she leaves me something ok and then write a really exposing one on her page…
Like, I’m professional all the way, but I will go all out on giving her a bad rating, cause she really deserves it. I have only been responsive, fast, made all edits, etc. She has been a nightmare.


When we were first starting out, we protected our overall review score at all costs, even if it meant the odd cancellation. Nowadays we have the opposite attitude. So I totally understand that for you, with a relatively low number of reviews, you may wish to prioritise that over everything else.

Just be aware that if you rely on regular orders via the marketplace, these might tail off a bit after the cancellation. We find it happens every time. Fiverr isn’t our main income source, so for us we just treat it as a bit of a break for a few days, after which time things usually return to normal. But Fiverr certainly does seem to drop your search ranking for a few days after.

You need to weigh up both of these things, then make your decision.


If I go through this, this will make a good youtube video, cause it’s also ridiculous. :smiley:


real heavy weightin’.

Thanks for the insight!