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If i change my gig just delivery date 3 to 1 days


if i change my gig just delivery date 3 to 1 days, its will effect my impression to lower ?



your impression is a reflection of your gig performance.

More sales with good reviews = better ranking = easier to be found = higher impression.

in other words, impression gets better as better you perform.


It might reduce your impressions for a couple of days after editing your gig. This is to be expected as your gigs get removed from Fiverr’s search for a day or two after editing them.

However, as @xuntes said, in the long run, changing your gig delivery time from 3 days to 1 is probably not gonna drastically change your gig impressions. However, it is possible that reducing the order delivery time to 1 day might improve your gig impressions as it might make your gig seem more attractive to your prospective buyers.


changing the time to deliver doesn’t affect your gig like that. I do this often. The fiverr team doesn’t need to check it manually. It doesn’t need any approval.

I believe it works for price changing too.