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If I change my gig service completely will it rank again?

Hello Respected Fiverr community.
I hope you and your families are in a good health and safe.

My Question:
1 year ago I did my last work on fiverr. My gigs have some reviews on them. Now I want to change the services of those same gigs with new services. Now I wanted to ask if I do this changes can I get orders again?
And is it a good idea because I want to keep the stars ?

Please feel free to share any kind of Idea or your opinion.


None of us can guarantee that you will get any orders. If your target customers need what you have to offer, and they want to work with you, they will hire you.

As long as your gig service remains the same, and in the same category, you should be fine. You are always welcome to change the details of your gig, but you can’t, for example, change a voice-over gig to a logo design gig. If you need to create a completely new service, you should start a new gig. The stars on your current gig belong to the service they were earned from.


If i delete My gig the stars will be completely gone right ?

If you delete a gig, the text of the posted reviews will be removed, but the overall stars will remain with your account indefinitely. Therefore, deleting gigs, does not improve your overall seller score.

Yeah. You loose your reviews and your rankings on the search page.

what if I pause ? I don’t want to lose reviews.

The text of reviews remains on a gig page. If you delete that gig, you delete the posted text of those reviews. The stars will remain on your overall seller score. Pausing only removes a gig page from being searchable or visible on your profile page.


My account was inactive for 1 year. I want to work on another services and I don’t want to loose reviews. what should I do ? Please let me know your opinion.

Sorry Jonbass Maybe I’m asking many question. I’ll ask one last suggestion from you, Please give your personal opinion what will be the best decision
for me .

Recently I discovered that one of my gigs was in the wrong category, so I chose “Social Media Copy.” While my impressions have fallen dramatically, I believe this is temporary. I also made this change because I wasn’t getting enough orders.

Besides, if you have repeat customers, they already know how to find you. Hopefully, you’ll rank up in no time.

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Thank you for sharing your experience, what If I change the full gig category expertise etc, will it lose my stars ?
Or creating a new gig ?

I am not going to tell you what to do with your gig. If you want to pause it, then pause it and know that it is hidden from view. If you choose to leave it active so others can see those reviews, than do that. How you choose to manage your gigs is your responsibility. Do what you think fits best with your freelance/business interests.

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Hi bro :smiley:
I think in this case, you have to make your own choice, and it depends on which services you want your business offer:

  • If you want to work on the same service with the old gig, then keep them active but improve the description, SEO tag, thumbnails, etc. Fiverr Algorithm knows when you make changes to your gigs. And if you improve your gigs good enough, Fiverr will drive traffic to your gig like the old days.

  • If you want to shift to another service then just delete the services that you no longer want to continue. I agree that you would lose some good reviews. But I think the gig you don’t want to work on will bring the client you don’t want to work with, right?
    So, if I were you, I will delete 2 - 4 services that I don’t want to continue and keep the rest one, just in case the new client can come and see where good reviews come from

That’s my advice for you, hope it useful for you :innocent: :innocent:

You never lose your stars unless you delete your gig. Even then, your reviews and overall rating remains. If the last review you got was 1 star, and people go to Fiverr dot com slash Your Name, they will see it.

Creating a new gig means a gig with no reviews. I only recommend that if you’re creating a different gig.

However, if your gig is called Chocolate Brownies, and you change the category from Deserts to Pastries, you keep all the reviews and overall rating within that gig.

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Keep in mind that a gig’s URL cannot be changed. Yes, you can update your gigs to something different, but you can’t change the URL.

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Hey bro!!!

Thank you very much for you kind opinion. You said the best thing.

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