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If i change the description of my Gig can its effect my ranking?

I noticed few hours ago that my gig description is not attractive, so i decide to change that. The confusion is that will it drop my ranking or not?


Whenever you edit your Gig, it likely cause change in SRP. Means eg. lower position on result page.

The Gigs have lifecycles as every other product.

It makes sense to leave the Gigs that work untouched except minor adjustments until its “death”.

Should you need or want (try&error) to change description, it may take some time to get back to original position.

However, there are also different factors that play the rotation game over and over…


Thanks brother for the help

I was at first page for 8 month, and suddenly i am nowhere. So yeah i dont complain about it, since its rotation and everybody can have a chance.

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