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IF i complete 10 order & earning 100$.Is my Account is Boost?

My new account.i complete 10 order with $100 it boost my account? or What can effect in my account?

If you mean will you get to level 1 …. you need to earn $400.

Check this out:


i just need to know the account improvement.

What do you mean when you say “boost”? You’ll get certain account privileges once you reach Level 1. Those are listed in LloydSolutions’ link.


Boost means fiverr account improvement.Getting better

Oh ok. Well, your account will probably look a little better. Ten orders will probably mean an average of six reviews. That’s a lot better than zero. You may also enjoy slightly favourable placement in the rankings, but nobody can say for sure.

You’ll also be closer to Level 1. When you reach that level, you can list more Gigs, you’ll get a badge, etc.