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If i contact with Fiverr support for my review change in a cancel order, would i banned?

Some days ago, i am in vacation but i forget to turn on my vacation mood. When i come back i see,my two order has been canceled and one of them client give me a 1star review. Now what can i do? can i contact with fiverr support tochange my review?

No but you can’t get any help for remove the feedback from customer support
You can request your buyer to change it and he is able to change it only 1 time in 30 day’s

Your client hasn’t given you a 1 star review - the Fiverr system did it automatically as you didn’t deliver the order.

TBH I doubt Fiverr CS will remove it, but there’s no harm in asking.

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You can ask, But they will not remove it
unless you have slid reason and approval from buyer

The one star is automatic. “Cancelled because seller failed to deliver” The only way to remove it, is to go back in time and deliver the order. Anyway maybe CS will hear you and remove it but chances are, they won’t. Reason being if they remove it more sellers will try to do the same thing to get the rating removed.

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