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If I delete a gig, will it remove the reviews upon that gig?

Recently I got a negative review. I want to get rid of it. Is it possible in today’s date to somehow remove that negative review?


Nope. Your negative review is permanent to your account. It will affect your account for as long as your account exists here on Fiverr.

Bad reviews are part of being in business. You are not perfect, and therefore, you should not expect perfect buyers either. You will have good and bad clients alike – sometimes unexpectedly. It is wise to accept this, and move on to the next order.


Yes… i agree.

The main concern is how to deal with the negative reviews.
Don’t reply Negative Reviews with Negative Feedback too.
Try to explain to customer “What happened?”

Here is some good example how to respond with negative reviews,

Wish you luck,


Thanks for the link.
It has really useful content.

I understand, thank you.