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If I delete a gig, will related reviews remains or show to the profile?


Please help me @wp_kid or any fiverr expert


I see some of buyer Those who have no gig but reviews still show there profile.:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for reply…


Yes, it seems reviews are mapped to seller account not gig. The review mapping is as follows:

Many to one: Irrespective of the number of gigs you have, all reviews would be mapped to your account.

One to one: Each gig has it’s own reviews.



Thanks for your reply… :slight_smile:


It will show on your profile. Rather than delete a gig, why not pause it? It can affect the way you see buyers request, even ranking.


Thanks for your suggestion. I will do so.:heart_eyes:


If you paused your gig you cannot create a new one untill you delete it.(if you fulfilled your quota earlier including paused gig)


It’s look like you got the answer. Good Luck.


Yes, thanks for reply :heart_eyes:


I believe whether or not you delete the gig, your reviews will remain there.


The reviews remain on profile, not on gigs