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If I delete my 1 gig then its reviews also remove


Friends let me know please


No - if you delete your gig, the reviews stay. :sunny:


but my review is not showing


Yes, it is. Look again.


That sounds like an entirely different question. :wink::wink:


If you delete a gig, the review will still be visible on your profile, and your overall rating will remain the same.

On top of that, if the overall rating and the reviews that the buyers see on your available gigs don’t match (for example, your overall rating is 4.9, but all of your available gigs only have 5 star reviews), it will look suspicious. It will look like you’re hiding something really, really bad.


but its remove from my profile i don’t know why


I see a 1 star review on your profile.


no its this review is come after the 1 stars
and the buyer leave 5 star with tip but its not showing review


No brother your review don’t be remove


I see a 5 star review from 3 hours, 13 days, 16 days and two from 24 days ago. Is there another one?


9 days ago the review was placed which are not showing in my profile


Only Customer Support can help with something like that.


o k thanks for your help and best of luck


If you remove the gig you lose all revews.


mam can you let me know how is it possible


No, reviews will not delete


but unfortunetly my review is removed from my profile


Omg ! how is possible?


i also contact with css
if the Gig is deleted I am unable to see the reviews. The Gig is not showing on search and I am unable to see the reviews for you.