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If I delete my account, will all my reviews also be deleted?

As the title says, I wish to know this. Also, is there any way to manually remove reviews? If it doesn’t exist, I would like this feature to be a thing. You know, privacy and all.


If you delete your account, everything is deleted on the real time active fiverr main site…

If someone saved the website with wayback machine or similar then reviews are permanently kept on that persons computer.

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If you are a seller and you mean the reviews on your profile then yes they will get deleted.
But I assume you are a buyer, unfortunately no, your reviews will stay on whichever gig and seller you transacted with (even if you delete your account). In the future you can prefer not to leave a review at all and it will have no public trace of you anywhere. You can also try contacting Customer Support, maybe they can remove the reviews for you. →

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Once your account is deleted, it is gone, as are the reviews.

No, Fiverr does not allow this. If you ask CS to do so, they will not remove a review unless it breaks TOS.

I doubt Fiverr will ever make this a “thing” because if sellers could remove reviews, everyone would have all 5-Star reviews, and if that happened, then a review would be pointless. Reviews are there to let other buyers know about the review writer’s experience with a seller.

Even if you delete your profile, I think your old profile is still visible to those who know how to do a history search for your old gig.

Interesting, Vickie! But I think he’s a buyer and I think he’s uncomfortable with the reviews he left. I am curious if Customer Support has the same protocol for cases like this. :face_with_monocle:

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I think he is a seller who paused all of his gigs until he gets an answer. :thinking:

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I think he placed this is absolutely wrong forum section and created this forum account just to ask this question.

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Are you a buyer or a seller or both?

He has an account on the main site. In the past if I typed the user name site:Fiverr I could read the reviews they had left for sellers as well as their reviews if they were a seller.

Really? Strange

Yep, confirmed. Account since 2013! No reviews, no anything. Same profile pic.

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Your question makes me think you are trying to hide something.

Did you get a number of bad reviews?

Bad reviews happen.

Many Buyers (including myself) don’t look at reviews when hiring someone.

Here’s why: I don’t pay much attention to reviews I see on TripAdvisor because ANYONE can post something there and negative reviews tend to be from angry customers or ones out to hurt a business.

I see much the same thing here on Fiverr.

Concentrate on doing good business and the negative reviews won’t matter anymore as they will get buried by positive ones.

Good luck.

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I’m not a seller and I wrote no offensive reviews. I just wish to delete all content associated with this name, specifically. Most websites have ways to do so but this doesn’t seem to be the case for fiverr, for some reason.