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If I deleted one of my gigs, can it affect on my gig reviews?

I have 7 gigs, I want to completely change my previous gig on different category. What would better, should I have deleted or edit it? I have some review on my profile, but which one I want to delete have no review. If I delete this gig, what happen?

You should have just paused it. Your reviews will stay on your profile, but it can affect buyers requests for a while. If there are no reviews on the gig you intend to delete, no cause for alarm.

Thank you for your replay. The gig which one I want to delete, have not good impression, views or click and not get any order from this gig, I want to delete this gig and make a new gig in new category.

You can delete the one that has no review,it will not affect the rest of the gig.

It’s cool to delete it I believe, but it may slow down your visibility

Edit or delete your 6 gigs without Best sealing gig. The best sealing gig you just minor edit but not delete.

Thank you for your valuable comments.

Thanks for your replay. I want to change one of my gig who have no review and no good view or impression, I want to replace it. So, I think editing is better then delete? most one advised.

Thank you :slight_smile: