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If I "Deliver again", will the buyer have access to previous delivered files when the order is complete?

I have this order that is about to be marked as complete by Fiverr in a few hours since the buyer took days to respond and request modifications, but she did not hit the “Request Revision” button, she just sent a message with the instructions for revisions a few hours ago. As soon as I saw that message I asked her to oficially request the Revision, and I hit “deliver again” and attached a random image that has nothing to do with the work. She hans’t done it yet, she’s not online.

So my question is, if she doesn’t oficially request the revision asap and the order gets marked as complete, will she have access to the original delivery or only to this random image I just delivered?. (And by experience I know that the order will still get marked as complete today if she doesn’t request the revision, even when I just delivered again)

I’m planning to do the revisions even if the order is marked as complete as long as the previous files I delivered are not available for her.

Hope I’m explaning myself
Thanks in advance for your responses!


Depending on the file type they would be watermarked until she accepted the delivery OR the order was auto-completed.
In this case, since she did not accept delivery, nor was the gig marked complete by Fiverr the files she has will be watermarked.
When you hit “deliver again”, I believe, you restarted the clock on the 3-day auto complete (I could be wrong on this point only) and your random image delivery has replaced the previous delivery.
This does not apply to audio files, but if it’s a graphic design delivery you should be good as your original delivery is no longer accessible. Even if she downloaded it, it will be watermarked.


Thank you, Markus!

Some months ago on a previous experience I “delivered again” hoping that the clock will restart but to my surprise it did not, the order still got marked as complete the next day. So I believe the clock restarts only when there is a Revision request from the customer.

So yeah based on that experience I wanted to be sure that if she doesn’t request the revision before the order auto-completes today, she will only get the image i just attached, instead of the original files (meaning these will remain watermarked).

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Some buyers are fraud. They keep asking you for revision of major changing and saving the files. In this way he gets more designs with just one order. Happened with me.


Thanks @ishaqahmad69 . Fortunally, everything went fine this time (she did request the revision on time and they were very small changes). :sweat_smile:

Thank you guys for your responses!. Have a great week.


Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that yes. If you deliver a work, then “Deliver again” without having received an official revision request from the buyer this will happen:

  • The time won’t reset for the buyer to request revision. Meaning if you deliver today Thursday 9am. And “deliver again” by Sunday 7am", the order will still autocomplete at Sunday 9am (or a few hours later).
  • When it autocompletes, the buyer will have access to your recent delivery and probably the files you delivered before, since they never requested revisions.

So if you deliver and order and your buyer sents you a normal chat message with the revisions comments instead of a Revision Request, you have to politely ask them to hit “Request revision” and insist on this until they do.

I have to do this with many customer, usually they’re nice people who just don’t know how the system works or forget to oficially request the revision.

It can be helpful to have a Quick Response inviting your customers to Request Revision if they need any modification to the delivered files.

That’s it. Some experience speaking out.

Happy holidays!


hey thanks for this. so this means the first delivery will always be the official clock (then wait for 3 days ) to get the job as completed “as long as” they just message or chat for a change in a work done. and did not “click” the revision button. but since i did not knew about this. i hit “redeliver again” for that revise thing,even if the buyer did not hit the revision. pls enlighten me with this. have a great day everyone :slight_smile:

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Hi! Yes they will.

If you need to to deliver because you had forgotten to add something or something, explain that in the message for the other delivery.

When I occassionally do this, I also add REVISED in the file name of the new delivery, so that when the buyer downloads it they won’t mix it up with the old one. You can explain that in your order message, too.


ow i see, this would be helpful for a starter like me. since i just finished delivering my first gig. thank you :slight_smile:

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