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If i did the work but the buyer after he had the work cancel it?


if i did the work but the buyer after he had the work cancel it? and said it is not good or give any reasons , but the truth the work was good , what’s the solution?

thank you


The buyer has all the power, sometimes I do a revision and then they demand a refund. Don’t even bother getting angry, just write “Here’s your refund.” Get that cheapskate out of your life forever.


Reply to @landongrace: buyer is always right even they are wrong!!! but why wrong is wrong!!!


I would rather take the mutual cancellation and refund them than to get a negative review. The buyer is always right. Even when they are wrong. This doesn’t happen often but it does happen. The delivery may have not been a good fit for them. This is difficult especially at first but if it happens often I would quality check my product and make sure I give a great example of what I provide. I beleive the customer should have a extremely good idea of what you are providing before you begin. This can be shown in your examples,description and gig video. In 1300 jobs, I just am not seeing people abuse the system. They would much rather be able to continue to use you if they like you rather than to shut down the ability to order.


Reply to @landongrace: thank you :smiley:

you are right to cancel it is better to have a negative revire .

also many had the gig but they didnt give any review and that’s so bad .

i am new , just 2 months , but day after day i am learning more than before .

my gig the same , i means many had it and it was the same and they like it , maybe the last buyer imagine it better or something like that .

Sir that’s good to tell buyer what i the format of work? means audio or pdf or something else?



Reply to @yosri21: I would send the text in a message associated with the order. Was that your question?


Reply to @logo_desing: And you will encounter more customers that are wrong. That is the point. You need to think really long term. Even being as flexible with a refund as I described, my dollar amount of returns is less than 1%. For every $1000.00 I’ve earned on fiverr, I have refunded less than $1.00.

It is really tough during those first 100 delivery on a new gig. You have to figure out how to make the gig work for you.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: they aren’t out forever, they can keep placing orders. I’ve had this happen before.


I am new on Fiverr just spent one month. I am still studying about Fiverr and learning a lot. I know it is so difficult to refund gigs after spending several days or a month or more for a project. As a new I think, may be it is also wrong, we should leave a message about our precious time and industry and try to make a mutual solution for that project. If he says for refund he would not understand anything so, leave such cheapskate buyer away forever very quickly saving our account from the negative review.