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If i do not review buyers experience, will their review stay hidden?

Hey! So far i had a perfect run…even somehow reached seller level one recently. Now however i have a buyer who might have given me a not perfect review. He liked what i do best, the artwork part. However the field in which i was/am not very experienced with, the text on top, was not his thing. Thanks to the text, it turned into a very very long revisionstage. I really tried every trick i had up my sleeve, i even handpainted a couple of fonts and went crazy with layer styles. However i fear i am not suited for this kind of design. I am more about painting stuff. He gave a tip so i am fairly positive he respects the effort, however i am not someone who likes to gamble. Can i simply decide not to rate him as buyer and will that also keep his review from the eyes of other potential buyers?


If a buyer leaves a review, it will be published sooner or later.
Even if you don’t give a buyer review , after several days the review will be automatically published.
You have to accept the fact that not all reviews are 5-star. You can still have a chance to explain the reasons under buyer’s feedback.
That is also very important for future buyers as they may want to check what happened and how you handled the situation.


Thanks for the info…now i can embrace my defeat, knowing it can not be avoided…

Just checked…turns out I REMAIN UNDEFEATED! …just as expected haha